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Thread: Shadowland

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    Exclamation Shadowland

    Hiya pplz, so heres the story of this rpg:

    People have been living in a peaceful world for a very long time, until that day came. The sky rained meteors without showing up on charts, they came so fast that people couldn't react to what was going on. Some people stayed in their places while most people tried to find shelter and survive. Everyone was doomed and they all knew that they couldn't survive. three years passed by since the great wave of meteors hit earth. But they werent meteors, they were space ships from a far away planet. They are 7" human-like creatures that barely speak english. You are one of the hand full of survivors, your objective is to survive without getting caught by the creatures. If they do catch you they will experiment on you and you will never be the same human.

    so if ya wanna, ya can include the following:
    -race (human, one of the human-like creatures)
    -weapon(s) (optional)

    -name: Carasume
    -age: 16
    -gender: female
    -race: human
    -appearance: elbow length dark brown hair, wears a brown t-shirt, jeans, running shoes.
    -weapon(s): a gun, unlimit supply of bullets
    -bio: When the wave of meteors happened Carasume was scared and she hid in an old underground cellar. There was enough food down there to last her her life if she ate once or twice a day. After three years passed by she decided to walk out into the world again. She was shocked to see that the world was nothing but a disasterous waste. She is now in search for other survivers so she knows that she isn't the only one.

    Your turn
    Death is interesting

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    Re: Shadowland

    -name: Matt
    -age: 19
    -gender: Male
    -appearance: Red hair (like RED) haha, leather jacket and hoodie, ripped jeans. Converse
    -weapon(s): 50 cal. desert eagle (unlimited supply of hollow point rounds), 357 magnum (unlimited supply of rounds)
    -bio: When the meteors hit Matt took shelter in a vault where he was secretly training for the past 3 years. He is now ready to survive the apocalypse and is unaware of what lurks above the vault, but he will soon find out.

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    Re: Shadowland

    dude im in...theres nothing else to do
    -name:Kotomi Amulet
    -age16....ill make it 15
    -race (human, one of the human-like creatures)
    -appearance:blach hair with red highlights
    red eyes
    piercing in 1 earing
    -weapon(s) (optional):Bazooka..im just kidding....swords

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