Fonic Frequency

:....The World....:


* A field of science created by Dr. Jade Balfour, or now known better as Jade Curtiss, as a means of cloning people and objects. Originally, fomicry was performed using the first six fonons, but after the results proved unstable, the Seventh Fonon began to be used exclusively. Replicated objects almost always have some sort of inherent flaw that makes them inferior to the original, and, on most occasions, even the "fonon frequency" differs between the original and replica.

However, on rare occasion, it is possible to create "perfect isofons" which share the exact same fonon frequency. This is only seen twice within the story: the first isofons being two cheagles and the second being Asch and Luke. Perfect isofons are granted a number of useful conveniences, such as the ability to communicate telepathically over great distances or to lend one-another power. However, at the same time, it comes with a heavy price: the Contamination Effect in which the the fonons and elements of matter separate and fuse together. Perfect isofons are subject to this effect and are therefore unstable. Eventually, perfect isofons become one through a fusion event known as the "Big Bang.

* The Score: A form of prophecy that is given by "scorers". Though there are many different types of Scores, the most pivotal (and, arguably, the most accurate) is the one written by Yulia. Yulia's Score (also known as the "Planet Score") was developed as a last-ditch effort in order to save the world from being swallowed up by poisonous miasma. It dictated the next 2000 years of human history and, in the end, promised to bring prosperity to the world. Because of this, the world at large has begun following the Score religiously, even forming a church (called the Order of Lorelei) to regular read the Score to the masses.

In truth, the Score is merely the memory of the planet (also known as Lorelei). The Score, as dictated to Yulia by Lorelei, is written in six parts on objects known as "fonstones". At the time in which the game takes place, all of the fonstones, save the Seventh, have been found and read. However, it is later revealed that the Seventh Fonstone does not actually promise prosperity as originally believed. Instead, it actually predicts the destruction of Auldrant and the demise of humankind.

This revelation, in addition to mankind's controversial dependence on the Score, is what motivates Van Grants into rejecting the score and striving to destroy it. To this end, he intended to replace the entire world with replicated people, creatures, and landscape in order to escape the "Score of Final Judgement" by ensuring that the Score is fulfilled while creating a new world on top of the old.


The world is a grand place, but the source of power in the world is known as fonon. They are basic particles which make up all living and non-living matter. There are seven types of fonons altogether, each representing a different natural element.

* First Fonon: Shadow: Dark
* Second Fonon: Gnome - Ground
* Third Fonon: Sylph - Wind
* Fourth Fonon: Undine - Water
* Fifth Fonon: Efreet - Fire
* Sixth Fonon: Rem - Light
* Seventh Fonon: Lorelei - Sound

These fonons are used in sync with the bodies spiritual energy to use multiple techniques with are called Fonic Artes: Abilities which draw upon a person or thing's innate Fonon/Fonons and allows them to cast spells, heal, or attack with power provided by that Fonon/Fonons. These abilities can be very powerful, and the nature of any said attack is ultimately different from the last. Some use spells, but others just manipulate a fonon to increase their power, or launch explosive attacks and the abilities that are gained are vast and complex, though those who mainly use fonic artes are called fonists.

The body is able to use fonic artes due to Fonslots: The part of a person's body that allows Fonons to enter and exit the body--permitting the use of Fonic Artes. The seventh fonon is out of place however, and is used in sync with abilities, known as Fonic Hymns, these are hymns sang by Seventh Fonists which use the only the chanting portion of Fonic Artes, combined with melody. Because of this, they are generally used for healing, and other such defense related fonic artes, but there are still numerous attack hymns.

Low- uses basic fonon skill, or weaponry to cause damage. Usually not many hits, or very powerful.( up to 10)

Mid- uses more fonic ability, or weapon usage to attack an enemy. More hits may be involved, and these are more powerful that low skills.(up to 10)

High- Uses the highest manipulation of fonons, or weapon mastery. Attacks contain massive power, damage, and each move is a work of art on the battlefield.(up to 10)

Hyperresonance: A very powerful ability that is used when a fonist unlocks all of their fonslots at once, allowing a release and convergence of power. A hyperresonance is a very dangerous ability, as it normally cannot be controlled completely, or has terrible after affects. In essence, a hyperresonance allows its user to tear apart the fonons of any matter they are using and then reconstruct them in a manner that transforms it into a massively powerful destructive force.( one allowed)

Here is something for the Daathic Fonic Artes, though this doesn't exactly flow with TOA's version.