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Thread: Tales of the Lords

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    Tales of the Lords

    ~Tales of the Lord~

    Time and time again, the great legends are relived and retold. Dragons that were thought long dead return, only to be defeated by a band of heroes. But now, a great evil return. One thought to be banish for 10,000 years. The dead rise and fight again. Balthork the fiend, a demon who killed most of the people in this land, has returned. He is still weak though, so there is hope. The nations work together to find a way to stop him, for they know that they have one year, before his strength returns, and no one can stop him.

    The land needs heroes...of all sorts. Will you be one of the brave to decide to help, defeat this great evil, and haveyour name, be remembered thoughout history.

    I have no Idea why but this idea came to me in a dream and I loved it!

    Humans live here, but for sake that humans die easy, please make your hero be a Lord of some sort.

    Also, ancient treasure is to be found so nothing is for certain on how this story may turn out. You'll just have to experience it for yourself. ^.^ Hope ya join and have fun.

    P.S. I wont post on the weekends cause I dont have access to a computer then. So try to keep this on week days. Sorry if that is a trouble.

    Character Sheet
    Name: [x]
    Type: [x] (Choose from below)
    Animal Companion: [x] (Match your type)
    Name of Companion: [x]
    Abilities: [x] (Limit to three)
    Weakness(es): [x] (Must have atleast one)
    Weapons: [x] (Limit to two main, and two hidden{AT THE MOST})
    Armor: [x]
    Hated Element: [x] (Must hate ONE(1) element)
    Nation you hail from: [x] (Chose from below for benefits and Advantages or say none)
    Pic: [x]
    Animal pic: [x]

    Fire Lord:
    You are skilled with fire to the point you can create it out of nothing. Most people fear your power, but few think you are smart. Fire Lords tend to be power hungry, and like very few people to be in their party.

    Animals that are willing to follow a Fire Lord:
    Giant Snakes
    Other Great Cats

    Water Lord:
    Your ability is mainly defensive. You can turn water into ice or steam, and specialize in creating save areas. The water is also sensory. If anyone touches the water you create, you will know. Attacks with this are weak and Water Lords to be smarter and know a thing or two about first aid.

    Animals that are willing to follow a Water lord:
    Any Water Creature(Limited movement though)
    Giant Snakes
    Normal birds(Not a bird of prey)

    Wind Lord:
    Your ability is Defensive and Offensive. Your wind can knock back most anything and will easily though any stationary target. The downfall is, the wind will make fire larger, while pushing it away, the fire will become much stronger and the chance of other people getting harmed much greater. Wind Lords tend to be great stragitist. They also have the ability to create a wind under them that allows then temporary flight, but at the cost of a constant drain in strength.

    Animals that are willing to follow a Wind Lord:
    Any Bird of prey
    Any Bird

    Earth Lord:
    You mold the earth around you, having the ability to make steel from mud. The density of the ground is yours to command, and this make you vital for and massive attack plan. Alone you are not very strong, since any use takes time and concentration, about twice as much as anyone else, but your ability to alter the field can decide a battle just like that. People will fear you, but you must be careful who you make hate you. Earth Lords tend to die because they get cocky. A smart Earth Lord has the ability to live forever, as long as they use their abilities right.

    Animals that tend to follow an Earth Lord:

    Death Lord:
    You revel in death, you are a master poison maker, a keep trap designer, and a constant pain. You can't control an element per say, but you have the knowledge to kill someone without lifting a finger. Because of this, many people will hate and distrust you. Death Lord are high sought out for poisons and traps due to the fact that an unknown magic gives them the knowledge to make any poison. These poisons range for a slightly ill feeling, to a dead when you swallow it. People will enjoy hiring you, and atempting to kill you after to hide the evidence. Be careful if you are in this type of field.

    Animals that tend to follow a Death Lord:
    Poisonous snakes
    Shadow wolves(Evil wolves that enjoy feasting on Humans and Lords)

    Life Lord:
    You are a first class medic, the best doctor in the village, and the key support role for any traveling party. No one hates you, which makes traveling easy. Bandits even tend to respect you. Why? Your aura glows warmly, and brings the best out of anyone. But that is also your attack. You can turn that around and make people feel depressed and lonely. Or you can simply turn it off. Life Lords also have the ability to heal almost any wound. They cannot revive the dead or regrow a limp for someone, but they can close a wound that is fatal, without breaking a sweat.

    Animals that tend to follow a Life Lord:
    Any animal that is harmless(Including cats, dogs, birds, and tamed animals.)

    Beast Master:
    You have the ability to tame any animal, you can fight with them, or life them. You can even go so far as to shapeshift into your animal companion's type(wolf to wolf, bird to bird). Due to this, you are a valued fighter among any group. Beast Masters also have high resistances to the elements and are hired alot to kill a Lord(even though a Beast Master is considered a Lord). Beast Masters are always immune to one element and resistant to the rest. The down fall is that Beast Masters do not control any elements.

    Animals that tend to follow a Beast Master:

    The Three Nations:
    The Land of Thael:
    A peaceful land hailing of mainly Life Lords, Water Lords, and Earth Lords. The land holds every type though. People that life here tend to enjoy the smaller things of life, such as a sunrise, or even a simple swim in a lake. Their lives are carefree and they don't tend to know how to fight well.

    Can do first aid
    Longer lives
    Easy to entertain
    Have the ability to create food and drink(Although it isn't the best tasting)

    Lacks fighting skill

    The Land of Haven:
    This is a land where main rouges and bandits tend to live. People here are trained to fight early on, and know nothing else. This land is home to the Death Lords, and Enemy to Life Lords.

    Great Fighter
    High Stamina
    Quick Reflexes
    Lots of street smarts

    Gets angry easy
    Not to smart

    The Land of Nuerster
    This land is mainly nuetral. Training of all sorts go on here and crime is low, but still apparent. Little is known, and few even care.

    Good Stratigist training


    Fire - Great attack Low defense
    Water - Moderate attack High defense
    Earth - Moderate attack and defense
    Wind - High attack Moderate defense
    Death - Deadly or weakening attack, little defense
    Life - Hardly no attack Aura is defense

    BTW, Certain fantasy animals may be allow, ask me first before you just add em. K Thanks!

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    Re: Tales of the Lords

    Name: Damein Stormbreaker

    Appearance: Mage image by kitekatolia on Photobucket

    Type: Wind Lord

    Animal Companion: Giant Snake

    Name of Companion: Nyros

    Animal pic: (the snake in the picture)

    Abilities: Razor wind: Can be used in a variety of ways, though is most commonly used as a simple slice of wind through the air. Can also be condensed into a wind sword, though that requires great strength and drains his power.
    Wind wall: Not so much a wall as condensed wind particles that are pushed together to form a shield, wall, or any shape that is needed. Can also be used as a offensive ability.
    Static wind: Damein's most powerful attack, takes a serious power drain and shouldn't be used more than twice a day. He moves the wind around him causing static electricity to form around him. He then pulls it to his hands and shots lightning out of his hand. If used the proper way this can be both offensive and defensive, but again causes serious power drain.

    Weakness: When it comes to a stright up pissing contest he tends to hang back. He likes to let his superior speed, wind powers, and mind so who comes out on top and lets the brute strength go to the people that don't have anything between their ears. Also very rude to stupid people.

    Weapons: Naginata (Naginata image by NinjaZaq on Photobucket)
    Katana (Katana image by Cheza89 on Photobucket)

    Armor: Light and airy, gives full range in movment. The armor gives a little to be desired when it comes to brute force, but makes up for it in the ability to let him move around stealthfully and with free movment range

    Hated Element: Life (Hates Life Lords because he thinks they refuse to fight)

    Nation you hail from: The Land of Nuerster
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    Re: Tales of the Lords

    Sorry guys but I cannot do this. I want to but I am afraid that I accidently did something wrong and I want some time away from anything active. Please forgive me.

    P.S. if you know what im talking about, maybe you can understand how sorry I am.

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    Re: Tales of the Lords

    Closed as per the author's request.

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