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Thread: Tournament - The Great Immortal

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    Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Saw this on another forum and thought we can do this as well.

    The Great Immortal
    Since the dawn of time, the world has faced plagues and crisis, demons and villains. Finally, on the edge of extinction, humanity cried out desperately for a savior. The skies parted and an ancient entity descended from the heavens: The Great Immortal. His name was Zyta, but everyone called him 'The Great Immortal.' For centuries the world lived in peace under his protective wing.

    But one day, Zyta felt a sudden urge... a calling to move on to the afterlife. The people of the world begged him not to leave them, so Zyta promised to appoint them another protector before he departed. But the responsibility of The Great Immortal was a heavy burden, only to be given to the greatest of mortals. So Zyta set up a grand tournament to decide who would be granted immortality and become the next Great Immortal.

    Zyta has created a mere manifestation of himself also called Zyta, whom many have fallen to before in the arena. The winner of the tournament will fight Zyta as a battle between Champion and God. The ending battle between Zyta and the Champion will have no effect on the next Great Immortal.

    Will you enter the battle for immortality?
    -No Godmodding (of course)
    -Be literate. (spelling, grammar, caps, punctuation...)
    -Posts must be at least one paragraph long. (Absolutely no one-liners!)
    -Be a good sport. (Don't argue with the judges)
    -No controlling your opponent's character!!
    -Be realistic. (take some hits, get tired.)
    -Judges have the final say in deciding the outcome of the match.
    -If the judge feels your player is breaking the rules, you may be disqualified and the match will be a forfeit.
    -All posts must be one paragraph in length. A paragraph is three solid sentences.


    Profile should look like this:

    Race: (Anything mortal!)
    Appearance: (Image preferred)
    Bio: (History, personality, strengths/weaknesses)
    Fighting style:

    This is tournament has 12 spots (Number can be altered if there are more willing contestants). I'm also looking for fellow judges! If you're interesting in being a judge, please message me. Also, Judges MAY enter the tournament, but to keep all fairness when it comes to judging their battle, a special judge will take over for the occasion.

    1. Zyta
    2. Renn

    What the Judges will be looking for:

    • Long, detailed posts. The longer you make your post, and keep it consistent without going on wild tangents just for post length will add a positive marking to your total.
    • Allow the reader to get to know your character through your posts.
    • Detailize your attacks; not only will your likely hood of winning a fight through a judging, you also may score a better hit than before.
    • Bring the battle to life, not literally, but when we read it, try to make it like we're watching a movie.

    • Colored text is an automatic loss of points. Every post that has a colored text will lose exactly one point. If you lose ten points, you are disqualified.
    • If a post is not grammatically correct, that is another deduction. Check your posts in a word document before posting. It's simple and takes only a few seconds to do.
    • Short posts. Though the requirement is three sentences minimum per post, shorter poss take away from the realism from the battle.

    1. Alphonse Hohenheim - Alphonse Hohenheim
    2. Jace - Jace Jerevinan

    Questions and comments can be asked here and, if you're interested, please post your character.

    When, and if, a Judging occurs is one week after a battle begins if a decisive victor is not won during the week. Keep in mind that you may be winning the battle, but you may still lose the fight if you're overall writing is inferior to your opponents.
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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    wow Z your getting creative each day huh?? lol, I'll say.

    I'll join once I get my character up and running, and hopefully find a suitable picture for it lol see you soon.

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Ohhh!!! Zyta-san you always come up with good ideas!!! I think I'll be part of this!! ^^
    This should be interesting! Hope others join soon.

    'This world is trash. Cursed by the Fon Master...'

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    I will Join but if you guys could please tell me when the fights are so i know when to be on like give people a week in advance to know.

    Name:Alphonse Hohenheim
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Bio: Im a street fighter been fighting my whole life my mom use to lock me out of the house so when somebody was going to beat me up i would have to learn to fight making me tough .
    Fighting style:Street i play Dirty
    Special Moves:FireBall (From Hand) ,Flying

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Excellent, can't for for yours Helldude, and Renn, too, if you wish to compete. Everyone say hi to our first (second) judge Renn!

    The heads u will be given in the OCC Thread whenever we get enough/okay it.

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Hell, this sounds interesting. AO RPG Mortal Kombat! If this takes off, I'll be down to throw my lot in and create a combatant that is both interesting and detailed. or something like that. I'll be watching the thread for the time being. Good luck!

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Id like to join as well if that is okay. I want to use my most powerful creation so i have a kind of expanded template, though its just to give you the full perspective of my avatars power. If you have questions you can let me know. Jace mainly can control elemental magic, cut through energy and matter, absorb energy, and transform from it. He is also an extremely masterful melee fighter. With his racial attributes including improved reflexes, strength, and intelligence, combined with his suits own power to block outside tampering of his body though normal magic or supernatural sills his spiritual energy and power of concrescent energy makes him an extremely powerful being.

    Im going to split the template into multiple posts because its size is tremendous, i hope its okay.

    Name: Jace Jerevinan

    Age: 17,521 years of age

    Race: Chronos. They are extremely similar to humans though with different genetic and internal makeup. The Chronos are extremely intelligent, able to use the maximum capacity of their minds and bodies. This made them a powerfully strong warrior race as well as a magically advanced civilization capable of millions of technological marvels. Though this all couldn’t have been accomplished if it weren’t for their lifespan. The Chronos‘s affinity with the elements and magic have progressively over the years increased their life-force through their sheer exposure with it. Eventually this evolved the race into beings capable of living for thousands of years, the oldest, Eldar, is over 100,000 years in human terms.

    Arcana: A zweigh hander created by a weapon smith god, Xemus, son of Hephaestus. It had the power to kill other gods so he was put to death and most of his weapons destroyed but Arcana, his masterpiece, he had entrusted to the chrono who then passed it on to Jace to wield. Arcana is a catalyst of magic increasing the magic power of those who wield it. It also can cut through magical energy or channel it to be absorbed into the user. Because it can cut magical energy, magical beings or those made of energy, can be harmed by the blade. The blade by itself is impossible to carry due to its immense weight and size but due to Jace's armor and mastery of concrescent energy he is able to wield it easier than if a regular human wielded a stick. The blade can be summoned and sent away using the gods power inscribed on the blade. It is about three feet longer than a claymore and two feet wide. Its thickness is about 5 inches. Using the power of concrescent energy Arcana can also transform into more powerful versions of itself.

    Arcania: Arcana’s second form slightly larger and wider. Is much more powerful than its original form. Can effortlessly channel magic allowing for stronger and larger attacks. The edge has lines that go along it and a smaller sword with a broad base and two holes in it take up most of the length of the blade as its design. On either side between this designs edge and the Arcania’s edge inscriptions run up both sides. This is Arcana's released form and does not require omnistate to unleash.

    Arcanica, Omnistate: Arcana’s final form, much longer and tremendously more powerful. This weapon is invulnerable to almost any type of attack and cuts through all types of magic. The blade is much longer as is the handle. The guard becomes diamond shaped with hilt reaching the base of the blade through the design. There are also 3 hovering orbs outside the guard with metal plates attached to them pointing outwards in a slightly elongated trapezoid look with a curved base line to fit the orb in. The blade is about 50 inches long and half a foot thick. It has taken on a diamond shaped base and the blade curves inward as it extends upward then curves out before reaching the triangular point. The inscriptions run up the blade as normal. Arcanica can only be achieved in omnistate and changes Jace’s armor into an impressive golden mech looking armor with pointy edges jutting backward and golden wings of an angel. The armor and sword constantly emit concrescent energy as an aura of an omni color(crystalline gold, think of supersaiyan aura with the unknown element color from crystal chronicles) . This form combines all the skills from the powers of the elemental forms with none of the weaknesses. All of Jace’s attacks are changed into sparking full power versions of themselves and are more than double their original effect and power. Jace can also combine elemental attacks and abilities for new extremely powerful results. Though the result of this power transcends mortal strength and can end up destroying Jace’s body and soul.

    Ominus Terminus:
    Jace has a full suit of ivory armor made of a metal that regenerates when broken and becomes stronger. Over the years of battle the armor has grown to be impenetrable to conventional weapons and few types of extraordinarily powerful ones. This armor had been infused with concrescent energy which Jace has mastered how to use. There is an eternal amount within the suit and in the complete state it is in now cannot be used by any other than Jace. It can absorb elemental attacks and change Arcana and Jace’s armor into different forms representing each element. Each form coming with different attacks. On his helmet there is installed a six set optical surveillance system so he can see in every direction in a variety of different conditions. The six systems allow Jace different views when certain conditions are met. These six systems combine for sight in almost any type of environment and hundreds of conditions, ranging from night to high-speed tracking. This better allows him to predict oncoming attacks that couldn’t normally be seen. All of these sights see a spherical 360 degrees and have surreal depth perception so surprise attacks are severely limited. Attached to his armor is also a long red cape with jagged edges representing the turmoil of the Armageddon war, it is made of a foil that is lightweight and highly resistant to elemental damage.

    Concrescent energy
    Concrescent energy, a special power discovered by the chrono to be what is known as the governor element. This energy is a combination of not only every known element, but it also can absorb an unlimited amount of other types of energy that were previously unknown. This power can then be harnessed for eternal power or split into distinct energies or elements. Concrescent energy can also increase the physical, magical, and spiritual energy of those who control it directly and over time be infused into that person becoming another force at that person’s disposal. This energy cannot be normally used for in its raw form it contains no other power than its own. The governor power, which is a hollow energy that is useless until it absorbs other forms of energy. The more energy this power absorbs the more powerful it becomes. Concrescent energy also cannot be modified or controlled in any way besides the one who originally sets its purpose. This is because the energy that would be used to change concrescent energies purpose, for example change its direction after an attack, would be absorbed into it, increasing its power or having no effect at all. In Jace’s case it has absorbed thousands of energies and has become so powerful and intone with Jace that it cannot be used by any other being besides him. With this power Jace can cast a large amount of spells or use the governor power itself for extremely powerful attacks. Since the destruction of the Chronos and the races rebirth , His armor is the only existing relic left with this power.

    Crescent Blade Arts- a series of offensive and defensive attacks. Here are the ones Jace can use.

    Wangetsukire- The most basic form of the crescent blade. Spirit energy is combined with concrescent energy unleashing a crescent shaped slash capable of cutting most things in half. Its main power is the separation of matter by breaking atomic bonds. Its power is increased with the 3 forms of arcana.

    Omoiwangetsukire-A stronger version of wangetsukire. A bigger energy slash that can be detonated into a concussive explosion by Jace. As with all concrescent slashes it has the power to cut almost everything in two.

    Issenkire-multiple crescent energy slashes that can be unleashed at once. With a limit of 10 total in one swing.

    Zantetsuken- an impossibly fast cut that can instantly kill a single opponent. With Jace’s power he can instantly kill ordinary opponents who wouldn’t normally stand a chance against him.

    Shin-Zantetsu-An impossibly fast cut that can instantly kill multiple opponents. With Jace’s power he can kill multiple opponents in a flash..

    Andoutowarakasshayuikire- A melee slash so powerful it cannot be blocked by any normal object. It is initiated by Jace getting into a stance by with his right hand on the hilt putting the hilt under the left arm so that the blade points diagonally upwards across the back and holding the left hand forward in a ninjutsu like pose. The slash is extremely fast and destructive with a reach longer than the blade itself, though it is directed in only one direction and leaves Jace open to attack. If blocked opponent can very well be knocked unconscious by the sheer magnitude of the force, all of Jace’s power is put into one of these slashes specializing in breaking extremely heavy defenses

    Seishou shi-rudo- a defensive shield of concrescent energy that allows Jace to block an attack or regenerate any major injuries if necessary. Can’t be entered through or destroyed by normal means. Its main purpose is to deflect or absorb magic or physical attacks. Though can only protect from one given direction, like to the front or behind.
    :"The power of the Mind, The power of the Heart, The power of the Soul, The power of the Body, The power of the Memory, The power to protect, The power to destroy, It lies within every being And within every being lies it"

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    Re: Tournament - The Great Immortal

    Kyouretsusumiyaka-Jace uses his kinetic and spiritual energy along with his armors concrescent energy to move two times faster. An aura of golden energy engulfs him when this move is activated. Can be used with Zantetsu, Shin Zantetsu or Andoutowarakasshayuikire to increase their speed and effectiveness.

    Ultimate Attacks
    Final Arcana- One of Jace’s ultimate attacks , also known as Godslay, Jace unleashes a Giant Crescent energy wave slash that has so much destructive power the surrounding area is destroyed and most living life forms wiped out. This attack was the famed move known to vanquish even gods. Jace used this attack to kill Zelphuren thousands of years ago. It has the power to planets in its most powerful form but can be toned down to defeat a single or a horde of opponents in one fell swoop. After this move is used a large amount of energy within the suit is drained along with Jace’s own spiritual energy and life-force and must be replaced by absorbing energy from the surrounding area leaving Jace open to attack.

    Shenma Seu Sen- Jace’s Second ultimate attack. Shoots a massive beam of concrescent energy that can be redirected up to 90 degrees despite its large size. As with all energy attacks it travels at the speed of light and can only be dodged by teleporting or evading before the blast is actually fired. Jace used a form of this attack to vanquish the chaos being Selphis. This move requires Jace to charge concrescent energy before attacking.

    Jace has mastery of the core elements. With the power of concrescent energy he commands them with ease and even uses their power to transform, here are all of Jace’s elemental powers. In the forms lies Jace’s most major weakness, when in a form he is susceptible to its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Though while in each form an area affect is initiated which further shows the full power of the element. Jace can also absorb other core elements and energies and gain new forms. All of the Crescent blade arts are altered when Jace enters a form usually increasing in power and becoming elemental based. Each form posseses an ultimate attack, once this is used the area and Jace return to his regular form

    Pyre Arts: As with every other element Jace can control the power of fire to its highest degree. He can either create it from his suit or use the surrounding areas affinity with it. He does not need to say an incantation for he could end up overcharging a spell and use up more energy than necessary, though it can be done if need be.

    The form Jace takes when he fully absorbs the power of fire. In this form Arcana’s base becomes broader with a flame design, and the blade becomes black though the inscriptions can still be seen. Flames also leak from the blade and can be bigger or smaller based on energy exerted. His armor also turns red and flame metal like attachments are added giving the armor a fire theme. Jace uses a power called Fusion arts which is a repertoire of ultimate fire attacks based on his form. This form also increases Jace’s power of fire, strength, and aggressiveness exponentially as if on a raging rampage, making this form one of the most ferocious to be seen. This form is weak to water and ice attacks. In this form the heat of the surrounding area begins to increase until the area would become as hot as the surface of the sun though the process is different depending on the area, the heat would decrease when Jace is exposed to an opposing elements attack as well. Jace is intimidating, and arrogant in this form, he also laughs as if having fun.

    Fusion Arts:
    Coniecto- A massive superheated blast of fire that crystallizes rock, evaporates water, and creates a vacuum of air in an instant. Anything caught within the massive inferno is instantly burnt to a crisp.

    Exuro - Jace can instantly ignite an object or enemy on fire by igniting the air around them with varying degrees of intensity. Enemies are warned to this attack as a shrill whistling sound that could be heard around them as the air rapidly moves as it is heated allowing a small window of evasion.

    Ignis Superna – The fire forms ultimate attack unleashes a supernova like blast similar to Coniecto but much more powerfully destructive. The fire is so hot it resembles light as it spreads in every direction molecularly fusing substances and incinerating others creating extremely hard crystals and a black scourge in its wake.

    Water and Ice
    Aqua Arts
    Jace uses these arts to control the power of water. This ranges from summoning it from the moisture in the air, to using it as a weapon. With water he can even control it within the body of an organic being to kill them from the inside.

    Gelu Arts
    Jace can use these arts to freeze his opponents or cause massive damage with frozen weapons and attacks

    Glacias unda
    The form Jace takes when he becomes fully absorbs the power of water and ice. In this form Arcana gets smaller and becomes a crystal with a dark violet purple color. The shrill cold around it is so cold the molecules are frozen into a solid form and morphed into an extremely sharp edge. Jace’s armor also turns blue and has crystalline features. In this form Jace uses Zero Arts which is an arsenal of Water and Ice ultimate attacks based on this form. This form enhances Jace’s magic power exponentially. This form is susceptible to fire attacks. During battle the area could start to flood with water or the temperature could begin to drop depending on the situation. It could freeze all the way down to absolute zero and can be hastened by Jace’s attacks. Jace is condescending and cold in this form.

    Zero Arts
    Agua Bovis – shoots hundreds of water bullets that can be created from the moisture in the air or from the ground at the target with skin piercing, and bone crushing force.

    Pluvia tripudio- summons a heavy rainstorm that can be used to aid in creating water bullets or other attacks, also enhances Jace’s form. Jace can also use these to see where the opponent is as they are hit by water droplets.

    Maelstrom- creates a crushing whirlpool that doubles on itself sucking the victim to its depths and crushing them with the tremendous pressure of water. Can only be used in a water environment.

    Profundus congelo – A freezing attacks that freezes the entire area slowing most molecular movement. This attack can spread throughout the air and cause blizzards and snowstorms to erupt from the surrounding area.

    Ovis gelu – A spell that gradually begins lowering the temperature of the surrounding area. This also increases the power of Jace’s form and attacks until the ultimate attack can be performed.

    Absolute Zero – Glacias unda’s ultimate ice attack. Completely halts all molecular activity and absorbs the light in the atmosphere making it pitch black. Pure perfect crystals are formed and can be used as ice fang attacks to finish off a frozen opponent.

    Aero Arts
    Jace uses this power to control wind. It can create blades of air or a shield of hardened oxygen. Tornadoes can also be made with these arts as well as quickening Jace’s movement and other abilities. This art allows Jace to augment others as well as himself.

    The form Jace assumes once he fully absorbs the power of air. Arcana’s tip becomes rectangular and its base triangular. The blades edge remains its natural metal while its inside turns a light nature green with swirling lines moving up the blade representing wind. There are also three rectangular holes running up the blade. Jace’s armor turns the nature green of his blade and has metal attachments that represent wind. This is Jace’s third fastest form. In this form the battle field slowly begins forming a large mesocyclone with smaller ones around the center. Eventually the vortexes will form and progress into a multivortex tornado. Each tornado within which varies in number would increase from F0 until it reaches F5. In this form Jace uses the Squall Arts for use of ultimate wind attacks. This form enhances evasion, fatigue and vitality exponentially. It is weak against earth attacks. Jace talks a lot in this form, as if like a mentor

    Squall Arts
    Flatus Denique – Fires a small concussive blast of air that is used primarily to send the opponent flying. Is extremely powerful and can crush rocks with a direct hit.

    Aer Vesica – Most used attack in this form, Jace attacks with blades of air that are unseeable to the naked eye. These blades are can be weak enough to cause a paper cut, or strong enough to lacerate through an entire limb.

    Incidere – An instant kill technique that uses the tornadoes that are created in the area to have the ability to send out hundreds of blades of air in every direction moving with extremely high speed. If it hits it would feel like a gust of wind but would cut like hundreds of swords with high power. This is a continuous spell that would continue as long as there is a tornado created.
    :"The power of the Mind, The power of the Heart, The power of the Soul, The power of the Body, The power of the Memory, The power to protect, The power to destroy, It lies within every being And within every being lies it"

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