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Thread: Twisted Destinies

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    Twisted Destinies

    Twisted Destinies

    Here is the history behind the story…

    Just a few years after the trio and gang take down the ever-famous Voldimort, everything seems peaceful. Students have no trouble going to school under the new headmistress, Kiah. She takes care of her students and nothing is more important to her then their safety. Though everything seems right in the magical world, appearances can be deceiving. A new threat is rising and Kiah is bound determined not to let the entire school know. She is worried about he news she keeps receiving. Owls fly in at almost any hour, delivering small notes of where the new threat is located.

    As it seems, the death eaters are coming back, and they are coming back with a vengeance like no other. They have a new leader, Katalina. The few death eaters who survived the battle, the ones who were still trapped in Azcaban, and those who were busy elsewhere have found new recruits. Due to Hogwarts being the place in which Voldimort was defeated, they are determined to bring the school down. Corrupt people are joining the ministry, spreading rumors about Kiah, determined to get someone else in charge. Kiah has thus far managed to keep herself in charge, and continued to keep her students safe. She has went so far as to allow a few select vampires into the school who are young in looks and can pass as students. Their job is to patrol the grounds and keep the students safe. The select werewolves allowed to go to the school also patrol the grounds, ready to defend their home if the need ever arose.

    The headmistress can only do so much. Rumors fly around the school of a new uprising. A small group of students have formed yet another army in Dumbledores name, knowing it worked before and it should again. There is another group fighting in Kiah’s name. This is not only a battle where night creatures are involved, but also a battle of the whole school. Everyone has a place in the battle. Maybe your position in the battle is to defend the school, maybe you’re a new circuited death eater, or maybe you are an inside spy who has been threatened.

    So here is the idea...I want to play a character named Exsanguis Torhment who guards Kiah, along with various others. Exsanguis and a group of students are going to bump into Kiah and she is panicked. Kat is on her way with a group of death eaters and they want to take over the school. Kat is actually Kiah's sister and they were separated at birth. Kat is determined to ruin her life so she targets the one thing her sister has going for her…the school. Kiah pulls in a bunch of vampires and werewolves in to guard the school, but when they arrive the death eaters have already arrived. A battle will happen...

    And then I'm stuck...This is just the basic idea...I wrote this plot on one of my forums...but its going slow and I wanted to change things up...I'm willing to take ideas and I hope you like this idea. If you don't like Harry Potter...sorry...this was just my idea....
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