Vernalka was once the most beautiful Dynasty in the world.

To this day, we still wonder what went we.

One day it was there, the proud, cloud piercing empire shining in the sun, reflecting light upon every kingdom for miles. The next there was only darkness. We should have taken it as and omen. The prince of Vernalka is said to have scarred the sacred dynasty the second the holy crown touched his head. Ever since, only black clouds and lightning show over the empire. An empire whose people are no longer human, or any true race, but a demonic infestation on the surface of the planet, slowly rotting away at the world.

Few humans go unaffected when entering the Empire. Even fewer are fortunate enough to make it back out. Worse still it the fact that the powerful evil aura of the empire expands every day. It someone doesn't do something soon, I daresay the beautiful green planet I knew as a child will be consumed... That is why I must find a way to enter the kingdom and slay the prince. This... is my only option. I must not fail.


That's a basic rundown of the story.

You will be playing a character from outside of the Kingdom who has some reason to go into Vernalka. Please keep the amount of characters you have to a reasonable limit. (1 to 3 tops, please. Short term characters and enemies not included.)

Anyone willing to help, please post a character here, or send me a pm response.

Please Provide this information.

Name: (A full name would be nice, but only the first it Required.)
Age: (It stinks to find out someones character is 12 when you thought they were 20.)
Weapon: (Please no guns.)
Gender: ( Male or Female, please.)
Demon: (It will be revealed near the beginning of the rp, that a person must be infected, or have pact with a demon to pass safely through the evil aura surrounding the empire. Please plan ahead.)
Appearance: (It doesn't have to be two pages long, but please tell us the basic characteristics of your character.)
Personality: (We'd like to know if your character is prone to stabbing people at random so we can wear armor.)
Bio: (Not necessary, but if you feel like putting one up, feel free.)

I think I'll refrain from posting a character right of...
Thanks for your time.