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Thread: Vampire Knight...

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    Vampire Knight...

    there's a school that has two classes. one during the day, which is simular prolly to a school like the one you go to. they have classes and different crushes that they all gossip about. but when the normal class ends..a new one begins. the night class. just like the day they have classes they attend. but,all of the students that attend the night class are vampires. they are there and not allowed to leave campus.they are being taught to co-exist with humans without sucking the life out of them when they feel the urge. this is their story.

    -rules-(follow or have your character killed by whoever might get hungry.)
    -1-NO god moding;this includes landing hits on a player without their consent. but don't dodge everything.example of other god moding
     click to show spoiler

    -2-interact with other players. if someone talks to you you must acknowledge them in your next post.
    -3-stick with the story.I'll be posting the topic in the ooc every chapter.once in awhile ill give you guys 'free time' to do whatever.
    -4-no killing other players without both consents and notifying me.
    -5-if you start disobeying rules.i will allow you to be killed without asking.(you will get warnings and i won't be to strict.)
    -6-you can not be a pureblood. I will be the only one because i need to keep everyone in check.
    -7-you can control a random day class characters once in awhile.example
     click to show spoiler

    -8-have fun. don't be mean to other posters and dont worry i won't be to strict.

    -Character sheet-(no vampire classes,but i might promote people later.) you can be a vampire hunter but that means you will help keep the vampires in check. vh spots left-2



    power(only one: automatically are stronger and faster)-





    (wait for your character to be approved before you post. either me or someone else will if i haven't been on for awhile.)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    -Character sheet-(no vampire classes,but i might promote people later.)
    name-Kuuji fujioshi



    power(pureblood,i get more than one,if your committed ill promote you)-summoning(people and objects),psychic abilities,shapeshifting.

    personality-cool headed,easy going,serious.

    hobbies-reading,listening to music,watching the sky.

    bio-raised as a pureblood vampire.all hes ever known.

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    Re: Vampire Knight...

    -Character sheet-
    name-kunaari kai
    vampire hunter



    power(weapon of choice)-anti vampire sword that come out both ends of the handel.(it can only kill vampires.if i hit it with a human it would be like hitting them with a stick)the name is-the aka naraku(bloody hell)

    personality-kick back relax,in your face

    hobbies-killing vampires......i mean..reading


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