Every living thing gives off a sertan energy, according to how it feels. This Enegry have been given the name of Waves. They are said strange being are born with the power to read, heal or feel waves. These Being were called Children of the Waves. Out of there Geration, only one is born with the Skills to Read, Heal and Feel waves, they are called Wave Masters.
Wave Master are known to have hair color that change to the element of waves they feel. But seeing as some Children of the wave have this abilty too, they held tournments to see who is the true wave master.
The High School called, Gorusus High have been known to be a strange school, little did the students and teachers know that some of the students of the school are Children of the wave.

This year the Wave Students are having a hidden tournment to see who is the true wave master, but it seems something more is happening this year other that gradution and the tournament, it seems the waves are become unstable. What's going on?

-No God moding
-You can team up or fight alone
-No controling other ppl charaters, unless you get there permistion and run it by me(PM me)
-you can have up to two charaters in the RP


-Wave Healers: Some time Wave Reading and Wave Feeling can be tiring on Children of the waves, Wave healers can relve them of that tireness by using there wave energy

-Wave Feelers: They can often perdect what others are going to do and say, but they can only do it to other ppl who have the same Elemental wave as them

-Wave Readers: They can tell what ppl are thinking even if that person tryed to hid it way, they can offen tell what kind of person someone is just by looking at them.

-Waves are often dived up in elements, water, Fire, earth, ice, plant, and wind. These element act like a conductor for the waves.


What Typer Of waver
Year of High