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Yu-Gi-Oh Revolution:

This is based around twenty years after Jaden Yuki and his friends have left Duel Academy. But it would seem that they closed down the academy on the island. They are now based in New Domino City. The thing is, the students are now allowed to roam the city and battle the fellow duelists there. And the battles are the basis for graduation. If you beat all your fellow duelists you can graduate. There are also huge battle arenas that you can face pros in, but this is not recommended if you are not an Obelisk Blue. In fact, there was one kid that went pro after just one year at the academy. He was the greatest the academy had ever seen. As a matter of fact, it showed up in the news a couple months ago that that young man had actually faced Yugi Moto in a duel. He had come extremely close to beating him but Yugi does still remain the King of Games. Every Duelist should aspire to become that great. And the Academy is the place to help you get there. But if you leave the limits of this city, you will fail the year and will have to begin again next year. So try not to leave. With that said, Welcome to a new year! Let the battles begin!!!!

The Rules:
1. No one turn defeats. It should take at least four turns to defeat someone. You can however defeat the NCC(Non-controllable characters) in one turn.
2. No putting down other people.
3. Don’t make yourself to powerful. That’s really annoying.
4. You can’t leave the limits of the city.
5. No super decks.
6. No legendary monsters. Like Slifer or Obelisk, or even Ra. You’re not allowed to have them.
7. If you break any of these rules I will kick you.((This isn’t a rule, it’s the law!))

I could also use the sons and daughters of the original characters. Like Jaden, Cyrus, Alexis, Bastion, Chazz, and any others I forgot.

Character Template:
Deck Type:
Academy Level:
Relation to Island Academy Students: