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    Idea: I have always wanted to use this character and see if others could react with her. She is my psychotic character and I have never found a role play where I could use her and get away with it. So, I shall make one.

    ZhiPhon is a cult in which people use mind control, telekinesis, and various other arts which are illegal to use anywhere else. They use pure anarchy to save the near second apocalypse world. The government of said world has gotten corrupt to the point they are killing off groups of people for no other reason than for their sick pleasure. They use the very same acts that only ZhiPhon should be allotted to use while people sit helpless against it. ZhiPhon only uses it for the good of human kind, though there are some strange characters in their group that just like doing what they do.

    Speculations: This role play is for advanced writers only. There will be several spots for just plain normal order based characters. However I want some strange oddballs and not to push up my ego or anything but it takes a lot of skill to pull off what I am looking for. I know it does because I have been developing my skill to write as Zeu for 6 years almost. If this role play does not get enough people I will understand. I at least tried and that is better than nothing at all.

    Character Sign up:

    Background story: (I want this detailed so that we know your character better)
    Skilled Arts/Skills in general: Not all characters have to be a member of ZhiPhon you can be our enemy. That makes the story way more interesting to interact with.
    Appearance: (if you wish to provide one)

    And if you'd like please do tell me why you joined. (ego boosts never hurt XD)


    Zeu is the youngest member of ZhiPhon. She was rescued from hiding for she used the art of telekinesis untrained at the age of 5. She is one of the only untrained art users. She is not very talkative and most people tend to think she belongs in the psych ward. This is her very first time using the arts outside of the fortress. She likes to draw but many people do not understand her drawings and fear them. She only knows her duty and will kill anyone or anything to fulfill her duty. She cares for no one. Her parents died when she was born and she has raised herself since.
    Skilled Arts: Telekinesis,Psychokinesis,Telepathy


    If there is anything else that I need to include please do tell me so I can correct it.
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