Here's part one of the follow up to my prolog..

Kennedy stared out the window of her very large, very masculine SUV at the looming house before her.

The windows had a coat of dust on them tracing back to her childhood, the once bright chestnut door was now a deeper brown with chips in the pain. The house had been repainted white from it's original yellow a few years ago, that much she knew.

The small yard now had nothing in it with the exception of small pool, before however, the yard would be littered with toys and other such items. The house almost seemed dead, like there was no life left in the withered walls. Kennedy didn't want to think like that.

Despite having her apartment down in Glennings this would always be her home. She had her first kiss here, although the kiss was very unexpected and, at the time, unwanted.

Her tears stained the soul of her floral walled bedroom and her dreams lay dormant in the eyes we call windows.

The window to her room lay on the back of the house facing the fields running all the way 'til Lucedale, how many nights had she sat in the refuge if darkness and just loose herself in the night sky thinking of her beloved. Alas the sentiments weren't returned.

Kennedy had found that out on her sixteenth birthday when she put the moves on. With grace she was turned down. But there was still someone who held her dear, this love was again from the shadows,

"Wonder if my key still works..." Her voice sliced through the darkened car, a kind of faraway look stealing way her bright brown eyes casting a shine in the rear-view mirror.

Opening the door and letting one leg and then the other hit the ground she turned and locked the door of the car behind her,

"I'm so gonna get a ticket for parking here."

Advancing to the gate she looked at what was once hers. The left-most area near the back of the house was once her little meeting spot where she and all her little friends would have their childish tea parties, and the rest of the yard was for Jordy, their old Black Lab.

When Jordy died Kennedy had a hard time understanding why she would never see her best dog friend ever again. Her mother had offered to buy a new dog, a cute puppy even, but Kennedy refused the thought of replaced her Jordy.

She eventually got over it but there are still nights when she wished Jordy would be there to drool away her sorrows.

Not that she was a sad person, quite the opposite, she always had a smile on, or least that's what ir looked like. She was sometimes sad and she didn't want to drag others down.

Stopping and the base of the three steps that lead into her house she just looked up at the door. It seemed wider, almost brooding over her.

"Man, this place is still scary."

Placing her key in the door in turned and clicked, a look of surprise stole over her face, "Okay, no lock change," She whispered, a slight sense of dread floating through her head.

'You got this Ken, it's all you.' The words Jael would slip her before each sports event she entered played back in her mind. Right now she'd kill to have Jael's warm, slender hand slid into her own and a crooked smile of encourage playing her face as she looked up at her. Kennedy didn't want to face her past alone but sometimes life made it hard to get what you want.

The door creaked open almost as if to warn that an intruder was invading her, "Shh." The wind picked up making the windows shake, the house dancing to the erratic beat. "Man, you act like you forgot me," Kennedy said, looking at the door now leaning against the wall, "C'mon, it's Ken. Member? The little girl who kicked you and stuff."

The wind persisted and a low rumble of thunder boomed in the dark fields just beyond the house, "Great, a storm... On the day when I finally came back you decide to pull this on me?" The bright eyed woman yelled up though the walls and above the clouds to her mother."

Walking in, closing the door, and locking it she tried the lights and remarkably they didn't work. "You wanna fight or something?" Kennedy murmured with a small smile playing at her lips as she stroked the wall with the faded mosiac pattern.

Kennedy explored the house for about an hour, looking at what she left behind and reliving all her fondest memories until she found her way to the attic, or her bedroom, what ever you prefer.

"Mookie!" She lunged at the ragged brown teddy bear she forgot. It may have been weird that a grown sixteen year old held a small bear so dear but it was the last thing she had to remember her father by. Now at twenty-seven, she still loved her Mookie.

"I've missed you Mooks," She whispered, a small tear letting itself fall from her eye, "Daddy..." She choked.

Lightning lit up the room and thunder followed, "Mom... I'm sorry." The tears seemed to be on strike because they wouldn't stop falling, not even when Kennedy told them to.

'Let's start a riot... Riot.' The Thee Days Grace song sounded from her pocket, alerting Kennedy someone was phoning her. 663-8255, a number Kennedy couldn't place.

Opening the flip she answered it, "Hello?" She said with a sniffle.

"Ken?" A familiar sounding female voice questioned through her phone.

"Yeah, can I ask how you got this number. And who this is for that matter?"

"It's Jael, Owen gave me your number." Jael, apparently, said.

"Jael?" Kennedy said with a weary tone, "Why are phoning me..." There was a trace of hate in her voice.

"You're still my friend Ken, don't ever think otherwise, please," Jael pleaded, the frown on her face flowing through the phone line.

"Sorry.. What's it you need?"

"I heard you're coming back to Rikors." A faint hint of hope could be found in those words.

"Yeah, I'm down at my house."

"What's wrong, are you crying? Did something happen? I'm coming right over." Click, the line went dead.

"No! I'm fine..." It was hopeless, there was no one the other side to hear her.

Closing her phone and putting it down beside her. She looked again at her bedroom walls with the silly floral pattern fading into the woods. She spied her bed, it had been moved farther into the left corner. The blankets and sheets were still there, it looked as though they were taken care of and cleaned every now and then.

"Huh, guess Owen wasn't lying." By this she meant that her mother did truly miss her, she did keep everything like it was the day she left.

Slowly pulling herself up from the ground she sauntered over to her bed, it looked so small compared to her5 big bed taking over her small bedroom at her apartment in Glennings.

"Wouldn't hurt it I laid down for a second..."

She sat and then laid herself on the bed trying to find a comfy spot, when she did and her eyes closed the land of dreams took over her body.