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Thread: chapter 1 part 2

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    chapter 1 part 2

    Alright, so I'm home now and I can edit this is word, here's the copy with, I hope, the correct word usage and spelling... among other things.

    A woman, appearing to be in her late twenties shook the warm body lying on the small bed in the corner of the attic.

    "Hey, wake up." She cooed next to Kennedy's ear, "Ken, wake up please." She tried again.

    "Huhmph..." Kennedy mumbled in her sleep turning over and opening her eyes slowly, she was met with a sight that she never thought she'd see again.

    There she stood. Jael, with her fiery hair still cut short around her head and her laughing green eyes still having silent conversation with whoever she looked at. The freckles seemed to be faded, as if they had lost their war, or Kennedy was just sleepy.

    "Hey sunshine," Jael's famous crooked smile danced onto her lips and the particular shine her eyes saved especially for Kennedy appeared.

    "What time is it..." It was more of a moan than a question.

    "A little after 11:30." The woman answered her smile widening.

    Sitting up, Kennedy was thrust right back down by the light weight of Jael, "I missed you, how come you never called?" Kennedy just lay there; her old best friends’ arms hung tightly about her shoulders, she didn’t know what to do in this situation.

    "I'm never letting you go ever, ever again." Jael said to her like a child would say to her ice-cream cone.

    "Air..." Kennedy decided to play along and moved her arm down to half-hiu Jael back.

    "Oh... Soooooorry," Jael loosened her grip on Kennedy's neck, "Missed you lots Keny." Jael continued her child-like rave, "So did everyone else."

    "Yeah, sure they did."

    "They did!"

    "Tell me about it then" Kennedy smiled down at Jael.

    Jael proceeded to tell Kennedy about everything that went on when after she left.

    "You're kidding, Aaren had a baby?" Kennedy said with downcast eyes.

    "Yep, little Reese was the cutest little girl ever born, ever, let me stress that."

    "And you, do you have a man in your life?" Amusement flickered in her voice.

    "Nope, you're the one I want... I never stopped hoping you'd come back here for me." Jael looked up into Ken's eyes, the laugh in those green orbs vanishing.

    "Jael... You're the absolute cutest person ever, let me stress that." Something in Kennedy's heart fluttered, she hadn't been this close to some since her last boyfriend.

    "I know the perfect way to celebrate you coming back..." Jael trailed off, lowering her gaze.

    It took Ken a second to regain control over her voice, "What's that?" She pulled Jael closer to her.

    "Don't get mad," A small smile formed on her lips and courage flared in her eyes.

    Lifting herself up on her elbow and looking down on Kennedy, Jael started to descend. It only took a few seconds before their lips met and the kiss lasted just as long.

    "Score one Jael!" A voice called from the door, the owner was, none other than, Cody.

    "Ack! Cody! I told you to stay in the car!" Jael looked at her sister with a crimson blush staining her cheeks.

    "I thought you were in Lucedale..." The fog had just started lifting from her mind and she had a hard time thinking, which was all she could manage.

    "I came back to see you." Cody cocked her neck and slid a hand to her hip.


    "I'm sleepy auntie." A little girl called from behind the woman in the doorway.

    "You heard her, let us be off!" Cody tried her best at an English accent but failed with gusto.

    "C'mon Keny." Jael got up and stretched a hand out.

    Getting up the four girls walked outside and to Kennedy's surprise, it wasn't raining or thundering anymore.

    It was arranged that Ken was to stay with Jael in her apartment just off Minister street, Jael had demanded it be this way.

    Jael and Kennedy drove in Kennedy's SUV while Cody and Reese drove ahead. They parted at the apartment on the promise of a long visit tomorrow.

    "Shall we go?" Jael said with a spring in her step.

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