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    It's true, we all could be a little insane
    I could feel it, I'm finally free and unchained
    There's fear within all of us
    The worst is within all of us
    I thought this has been holding be back all along
    Until one small truth, I've find out I've been wrong

    False evidence appearing real
    The devil's looking for a soul to steal
    All of this is so real
    Who knows how I really feel?

    Maybe it's true, that I want to cause pain
    I just can't, maybe I'm just insane
    They say I'll only hurt myself
    Maybe I should be alone, by myself
    I can't let this hold me back this time
    I'm going back and face my fears...this time

    This fear can't break me
    I know who I am
    No one can tell me
    Who I am
    The fear within me
    The worst is within me
    I'm going to

    "I love you with all my heart that I can't explain how much in words."

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    Re: F.e.a.r

    Well, I was little iffy in the beginning but it all came together in the end. Good job.
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