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Thread: Holding back salt

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    Holding back salt

    I really am so torn right now, in a complicated war with my heart. And there is nothing i can do, but write, i can not cry. Cry and reveal my secrets is unacceptable. Tell me what you think.

    A cigarette haze armors your face
    Knowing the addiction
    I respire
    Quieting my heart
    My eyes fail to the hush sound
    Walking slowly behind you
    Making my way to your side
    Asking questions to receive a lonely rejection
    I begin to fade from your side
    I’m finding answers from another calling
    Risking it all
    You take me down
    To the bottom
    But its too late, sickening smoke
    Negative exposure
    Burn me
    Even when i leave
    I will always return to you
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