Sometimes I just can't take the world and
all it's stupid people with glass smiles

I wanna scream back at them the angry
words they love yelling in my face

A girl can only go so long without learning to
hate the life people are forcing her to live

And I just guess this is my breaking point
where everyone learns what I think

Tempting as it is to repress my feelings
to let them fester deep in my soul

I don't wanna do that anymore this time
my opinion is going to be the only one that matters

Stuff your dumb words and open your ignorant ears
listen to my voice scream back at you

Just like glass people always break sometimes
it's messy and other times it's irreversible

I'm broken busted cracked
It just took one more let-down and

Guess what
This one hurt more then all the rest

My smiles are still there of course
but now they're just like the fake one's I use to get

At least everyone else is happy
People are still going to pass off my opinion

And I'll still be there crying inside saying
It's all about you.

Poems are suppose to convey emotion right... if you can call this a poem... I guess I'm sad right now... huh, I am too... just don't call this some stupid lash at the world from my side... it's more aimed at one person.