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Thread: Masking Face

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    Masking Face

    I smile
    I laugh
    I show happiness

    All you see is
    A mask on
    My face

    You don't know
    The real me
    I'm hiding

    The total opposite
    Of what you see

    Deep inside
    My soul burns
    I'm crying strongly

    Pain I feel
    I want to rid it
    Why aren't I happy?

    I won't explain
    I won't tell
    just know you see
    A mask on my face
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    I completely understand the meaning that I think I've read, though it's in my own interpretation none the less. I wore a poem on Politeness once and it expressed my thoughts on it, though it wasn't aimed at hidden saddlness, more like a hidden person altogether.

    Here it is to try and make my point....


    Looking up at the world,
    Keeping a smile where all can see.
    Some remain hidden behind masks,
    Those live their lives with prejudice.
    Life remains simple on the outside,
    Deep inside nothing is further from the truth.

    To show oneself bare without a doubt,
    Desiring to show what really exists within.
    Touching soul to soul in true comprehension,
    Rather than loosing meaning in needless formalities.
    Yearning for this unrealistic utopia,
    Walking this path as resolved as ever.

    Nothing more seems to persist,
    Politeness and courtesy do not disappear.
    Trying is not enough as change will not come,
    Making a difference in this social world inexistent.
    Conflicts do not always end well,
    Words and actions are not beyond the human nature...

    Whatever may come will come,
    Life does not end in a breeze of stale air.
    Resistance and comprehension used as tools,
    Living is the only proof of change.
    Gathering a whole of experiences,
    Only this is worth the journey.

    A single mind amongst the rest,
    Attempting to reach out to others.
    Using what's learned to its best of use,
    Searching eternally those that will listen.
    Personal goals seeming small to many,
    The only reason of existence to others.

    Bringing forth what makes you unique,
    Showing the warm skin under that cold facade.
    Breathing in the freshness of truth,
    Not denying feelings from within.
    Living what is your own without a doubt,
    Letting everything come out...

    Good night now and fair thee well xD
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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