A ruptured heaven only fit for those clad in blood
Oil stained tears meant to fall from dead eyes
The seal and burden draped over indifferent hearts
Cast out cold glances jousting the pure soul

She's stuck somewhere replaying the same memory over again
Revisiting continually the silent horror
Dousing the guilt ridden soul in pity and hate
Growing away from putrid flesh, discovering mind

The forever-locked cathedral doors violently break apart
Crudely smashing the remnants of stained humanity that remain
All that can be seen is horror and deception
Loathing seizes the physical form completely

The one translucent memory still plays back stuck on repeat
An opaque meaning is found but never understood
Crooked cracks outline the flawed memories edges
Deceiving the boundaries of pretend and known

Film rolls back and the picture fades burnt gray
She finally has the power to leave hollowed hallow earth
The retention distilled into artificially downtrodden psyche
The reminiscence coming to life, creating false will

No longer breathing, her soul lay in the empty shell
A slow, seeping hate fronting icy eyes
Her frail grasp of the foreign word humanity weakening
Hellish deeds witnessed only by cold moon rays

The sad breaking of a vital young girl
Building a delusional world to hide the grief
The deep nothingness of mind being her secret paradise
A wilting heart seconds away from immortal death

One memory continues to exist even after death
Sweet lips collide for the last kiss ten billion times over
Abruptly a candle flame is taken from its pedestal
Suffocated screams wail silently in her mind

And it all happens over again played back by force
Dying serenades pounding subconscious overtures
A quiet pact forged in forgotten blood made with God
Just to kill the invisible pain plaguing her malfunctioning heart

As per request, here is my latest work.

I went back to all my recent poem posts and nearly cried when I read what everyone had to say... people are giving my work praise, god that's exciting.. all of the people I show my work to give me weird looks 'cause of some of the odd themes and whatnot, but you guys, you guys say they rock.

I am truly grateful for all you have done for me, and I don't mean by posting to my poems, you've all given me a sense of self confidence and for that I can never thank you enough.