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Thread: Personal collection

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    Personal collection

    I am wondering if I can post all of my past work here and continue on afterwards, it may be quite a lot at first, but then things should dramatically slow down as I don't write every day or every week necesarily. So here is part of my past work:

    Thoughts of completion

    A love as foul as a hollow love,
    Thinking of survival and not of another.

    Thinking of joy in the arms of another,
    Letting go of all the pains of the past and seeing life once more.

    Young moralities discovering new things,
    Moving and learning with growing curiosity.

    Greed and wealth bringing destruction to all,
    Preferring shining gold to a beautiful civilisation.

    Fantasies that grow within everyone,
    Shown by others to help lost souls find new meanings to the word love...


    Fast Temptation

    Looking back on the time of day,
    When the sun rose as my eyes opened suddenly.

    My thoughts were running wild with ideas,
    Of the things to do now and for later on.

    The environment near me was of no importance,
    Things to do kept me occupied day and night.

    The next morning the same ideas put differently,
    Rushes through me as the daylight appears in my vision.

    All turns and turns every place I go,
    No one can stop and neither can I.

    As time passes in my life,
    Nothing can take me away from my overflowing thoughts.

    My abilities diminish as I grew older,
    But my routine kept me going on and on.

    Finally one day I just couldn't keep up,
    I saw daylight for the last time as my eyes would barely open to see my life ending...


    Darkening peace

    Engraving minds following dreams of the past,
    Doing what they must as do programmed machines.

    Having no past nor future,
    Lonely the present shows them the way.

    Games of high people destroying the lives of all,
    Killing uselessly and without discernment.

    Some decide to change things and try to make things better,
    But the high up people discards this species of people to keep their power.

    Forever and beyond the story repeats itself,
    Will there ever be an end to all this slaughter?


    One of all

    To desire one thing erases all that is around,
    Nothing is left but the wish to have that one thing.

    Things that we care about are precious and should be taken car of,
    But looking at one thing and neglecting everything else could be dangerous.

    Imagine yourself staring at a precise point of the universe,
    That point may be wonderful except you may miss an even greater point if you only stare at that area.

    Life is the same in every way,
    Doing one thing and not finishing another can cause consequences.

    Caring about one person and loving this person to the fullest,
    But forgetting to listen to her desires can spell disaster.

    Finally of all that is and all that can be,
    Work often comes before fun.



    Shouting out loud your brief desires,
    Not looking at the past just going in a strait line.

    Working in the daytime and playing at night time,
    Dreaming of a rest and looking back at great moments.

    Growing old but not till the end,
    Always wanting to stay young and healthy meaning eternity.

    Having great moments followed by not so great,
    Asking girls out and sometimes getting into trouble.

    Building a best place for relaxing moments,
    Searching on and on as time flies.

    Laying on the ground and letting everything go,
    Closing your eyes on priorities.

    Soothing to stop one moment,
    Breathing as long as time allows.

    Closing your mind and body to reality to sit back,
    Enjoying the smallest moments.

    No longer getting worried,
    Making dreams come true.

    Seeing a light glowing more and more,
    The last breath taking its end.

    Mystery taking its time,
    Life has ended...



    When life goes well,
    When all becomes clear.

    Life becomes bearable,
    Showing light in darkness.

    Good moments come,
    Bad ones never disappear.

    Kindness engages relationships,
    Sociable ness gives things to think about.

    Truthfulness fulfills,
    Forgetting the truth engages confusion.

    Discovering reality of life,
    Loosing hope.

    Holding on to ambitions,
    Grappling dreams with no ends.

    Free falling,
    And getting back up once more...


    Far away

    Alone is to be,
    To Forget is forever.

    Looking in your eyes,
    Feeling your sole becoming fog.

    Excavating your mind,
    Revolving in the distance.

    Growing tides releasing it's strain,
    Weeping the past from another time.

    Regretting what has happened,
    Is all that can be remembered.

    Saying goodbye to your love,
    The one that is far away.



    Holy realm that sets us free,
    Cruelty that lets us be.
    Falsity ruling the obscenity,
    Eternally disposing of reality.

    Harmony inside controversy,
    Slowly falling in misery.
    Watery eyes no less guilty,
    Nervously staring furtively.

    Endless words of no intentions,
    The void feeding from true darkness.
    Live and die by your actions,
    Cry so high as you can try.

    Note: This one is kinda done out of simple thinking...


    Happiness in one single move,
    So unpredictable and yet so loved.

    Beneath that face can hide great plots,
    Plots of conquest and plots of destruction.

    Many are subdued by its angelic appearance,
    They finish as slaves of despair to smiling gods.

    The only way to escape this expression,
    Is to frown back and take out your tongue.

    Full of oozing saliva dripping down off the ground,
    Will surely dispel the curse upon you.

    For now you know the forbidden secret,
    A smile is your doom but saliva is your saviour.



    As small as it may be,
    It is huge in what all can do in that moment.

    Short things not long,
    Happening in all existence.

    Initiatives in action,
    Readying a thought in your mind.

    Senses receiving information,
    Nerves that are yet to transmit its signification.

    Small yet huge as it is,
    It is only a measure made by man.



    As love may be what is greatest,
    Why should hate be left behind?

    One may seem well alone,
    But one can't go without the other.

    Days can seem so beautiful,
    At any moment could just go out in the rain.

    As fair and fond may we be of love,
    Hate will follow even if but for a short time.

    Living forever in love forever more,
    Can be hateful at times just to spice up one's life.

    For a monotone of white on every picture,
    Black can give to white another meaning to be.



    When sadness fills your eyes full of tears,
    One thing can cheer you up.

    The faith that someday all will be better,
    The hope of peace and happiness that will some day fill our hearts of joy.

    When hopelessness grasps you deeper than ever,
    One thing can bring back the spark of hope.

    The faith of believing in others you trust,
    The desire to make it through anything.

    When happiness seems to just leap out of reach,
    One thing will surely mark a smile back on your face.

    The faith of childish games taking part in your life,
    The times you try new experiences greater than ever before.

    But when love leaves every inch of your body,
    Only one thing can show you true resurrection.

    The faith of the one and only thing in your life,
    And that special thing is faith in yourself to keep on going no matter what.


    A girl saw within

    I drink endlessly upon a flock of ideas,
    Mending my body to rely only upon its own.
    I trap feelings that respond to others,
    Having none for me to create.

    Yet I seek out the truth on my endless journey,
    Every new experience makes me stronger.
    I overcome the difficulties of life on every corner,
    Creating milestones on which to build upon.

    Eventually I attain my goals that had been desired,
    The reasons in which by beliefs are founded.
    I walk proud of my achievements,
    None the less I still ponder eternally upon my fate.



    Inherit to monotonony,
    Produced by the mind.
    Growing forward in a litany,
    Of moments left behind.

    Abstract it may seem,
    To exist within its limits.
    To notice it we deem,
    Perfectly timed it well fits.

    Longing to adjust our lives,
    We fade away before our time.
    Our notion certanly survives,
    Of our existance which we mime.



    Revolved upon a single reason,
    Life remains untouched by treason.
    Opposing forces combine willing.
    Meeting each other forever destruction.

    Harnessed in a single will to exist,
    Brought about by an endless list.
    Encompassing within all that is living,
    Existing or not there is no distinction.

    Bewildered within a signle mind,
    We all remain a step behind.
    Moving along what may be threatening,
    Realising the inexistance imperfection.
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Personal collection

    (since my character limit has been attained...double posting is a must....since I would like to place most of my collection)


    Beyond words of all meanings
    Beyond the lands that are comfortable
    Beyond the life that is my own
    I search for who I am
    I search for the world that I am part of
    I search desperately a path to follow
    Behind those endless cliffs
    Behind those faithfull curtains
    Behind the eyes in the mirror before me
    I run accross an endless grassland
    I run acrross the thoughts within
    I run within the me that is lost
    Returning to that faithfull day
    Returning to the past long gone
    Returning in a life unchanged
    I ponder about those around me
    I ponder about my closest friends
    I ponder endlessly in myself
    Letting go I must do
    Letting go is my goal
    Letting go without a doubt
    Evading the inevitable
    Evading the breaking point
    Evading my true self
    I try to make my stand
    I try to create a difference
    I try harder than ever before
    Soon the time will come
    Soon the life I desire will set in
    Soon me desires will be true
    I look straight ahead
    I look up in front of me
    I look at myself


    Fading words

    Shadows lurk about the land,
    They are not te be misguided.
    Life shudders as it is restrained,
    Not knowing where to exist.
    Fallen before its greatest challenge,
    Dissipating under eternal regret.

    Deviding ever more life sparks anew,
    Searching for a beacon to grasp upon.
    A torch fueled by its existence,
    Moves about not yet dismissed.
    Shining brightly it shows the way,
    Salvation is upon its stand.

    Upon a mount of greater rage,
    Its soul mourns past defeats.
    Elements that bind it and combine,
    The light grows stronger even more.
    Lastly set on another standing point,
    It won't forget what it has learned.



    Endeavors to be unlike any other,
    Simple none the less to begin the journey.
    Hard may it be to remain on its path,
    Finding the key to remain even more.
    Search for it you must as it won't come on its own,
    Accept yourself and it shall be revealed.

    Along the road met you shall,
    Many good times where joy remains.
    Saddness may visit from time to time,
    But nothing is eternal upon this path.
    Renewing your direction is but a basic step,
    Upon finding what is truly desired.

    When despair becomes even clearer,
    The true path remains hidden away.
    As time seems to end before your very eyes,
    You cannot find what you so yearn for.
    But as you go beyond your feelings and get back up,
    Happyness tends a hand to help you back up again.



    Weeping upon a lost cause,
    Breaking down as time further passes.
    Getting angry of simple facts,
    Fighting over meaningless discussions.
    Distorting your habbit,
    Letting go of sane ideas.

    Falling into a state of mind,
    Difficult to explain while affected so.
    Barely thoughts linger about,
    Expressing lost meanings of no reason.
    Releasing the strain of the day,
    Freeing the mind of inner stress.

    finally reacting logically,
    Concentrating upon a single task.
    Mending the harm that was once,
    Ties that bind those involved grow stronger,
    Misunderstandings breaking away,
    Resting the mind that sleep has taken away...


    Life undone

    Confused and forgotten,
    One lays in utter silence.
    Ignored are his desires,
    Punished are his actions.
    Not wanting to be helped,
    Unable to be comforted.

    Drowning in misery,
    Loosing against himself.
    Reason leaving his body,
    Stories invented out of the fray.
    Lost in all of his thoughts,
    Which pass too fast to comprehend.

    Still I try to help,
    To give an offering hand.
    To bring back a sense of calm,
    And rest his soul anew.
    I finally reach him to follow,
    To try to find a path to himself.

    Yet still there seems no hope,
    He remains in doubt of things.
    Not trusting others that they may help,
    Going on in life not completely healed.
    To confront one self is never easy,
    As if you fail life is undone...


    Life in joy

    Turning around to see the light,
    Blossoming, a cherry tree comes to life.
    Reminding me of things of old,
    Shedding a flow of happy memories.
    Kissing the feeling of hope in one's heart,
    Thinking again and again of what once was...

    Waking up again and seeing the sun rise,
    Accepting the rays of sunlight warming one self.
    Around and around life spurs itself to show its growth,
    Experiencing moments of joy and tears never ending.
    Reaching out the endless universe of grouped times,
    Where only considering how peace is all.

    Trying again to have these times,
    Lost inside your personal thoughts.
    Loosing sight of the real picture,
    Giving up on everything.
    Again life comes back to life,
    Freedom coming all on its own without a second thought.



    Pondering on a simple thought,
    Ever wanting to know the truth.
    Realizing evermore that it cannot be reached,
    Perfection of one self is eternal.
    Understanding is personal,
    Expressing what has been learned.

    Naked before every passer by,
    Eyes showing others who they really are.
    Never hiding behind trendy clothes,
    Showing what I am and nothing more.
    Being direct to anyone who meets me,
    Trying to be true to myself.

    Forever young in the mind,
    Remaining the same in my aspects of life.
    Gaining experience with each step of this long journey,
    Simply growing from my own mistakes.
    But in the end the priceless goal remains,
    Helping myself to help those I can...


    Beyond the bounds

    Moving forward in time not back,
    Searching the right path that will lead to success.
    Reaching out the inner strength to go on no matter what,
    Letting go of simple things that offer no comfort.
    Taking in the little moments that bring joy,
    Profit of these times to find force in desperate situations.

    Fearing the darkness that shrouds the mind,
    Unknown occasions that show no way out.
    Denying help making oneself grow less and less,
    Irritated by the world that revolves around you.
    Isolation after desolation taking all your time,
    Destroying your very being in doing so.

    Hope remains in every crevice,
    Justice will be served to those who respect themselves and others.
    Believing in yourself without a moment of doubt,
    Showing light in every corner that is your soul.
    Helping yourself and opening yourself to the world,
    Creating a bridge where you may return from...

    May our paths remain bridged and well made.
    May I make it beyond my limits and grow stronger.
    May you find new bridges to hold onto.
    May life bring hope to those who try.
    May joy reach out in every heart.
    May hope always be within all our thoughts forevermore…



    Looking up at the world,
    Keeping a smile where all can see.
    Some remain hidden behind masks,
    Those live their lives with prejudice.
    Life remains simple on the outside,
    Deep inside nothing is further from the truth.

    To show oneself bare without a doubt,
    Desiring to show what really exists within.
    Touching soul to soul in true comprehension,
    Rather than loosing meaning in needless formalities.
    Yearning for this unrealistic utopia,
    Walking this path as resolved as ever.

    Nothing more seems to persist,
    Politeness and courtesy do not disappear.
    Trying is not enough as change will not come,
    Making a difference in this social world inexistent.
    Conflicts do not always end well,
    Words and actions are not beyond the human nature...

    Whatever may come will come,
    Life does not end in a breeze of stale air.
    Resistance and comprehension used as tools,
    Living is the only proof of change.
    Gathering a whole of experiences,
    Only this is worth the journey.

    A single mind amongst the rest,
    Attempting to reach out to others.
    Using what's learned to its best of use,
    Searching eternally those that will listen.
    Personal goals seeming small to many,
    The only reason of existence to others.

    Bringing forth what makes you unique,
    Showing the warm skin under that cold facade.
    Breathing in the freshness of truth,
    Not denying feelings from within.
    Living what is your own without a doubt,
    Letting everything come out...
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Personal collection

    (again I need this last post to complete where I am at in my collection)

    Tension: chapter 1

    Muscles awaking,
    Hands blistering.
    Legs straining,
    Arms enduring.
    The mind remains intact,
    Only slightly slower than usual.

    Rainy days bringing hard times,
    Sunny days creating sweat everywhere.
    Raking endless leaves and branches,
    Letting the mind only concentrate on one thing.
    Basic functions controlling every movement,
    Relying on others to be guided to another duty.

    Rest finally comes in the form of change,
    Yet it has not yet been lived so may remain a tension none the less.
    Remaining on my feet longer than I sleep,
    Appreciating every moment that I sit.
    Relaxing upon an anime or two,
    Watching MI:3 tonight shall end this long week.


    Tension: chapter 2

    Learning to cope little by little,
    Finding fun in little things.
    Working a heart's desire till exhaustion,
    Showing greater determination ever more.
    Ascending the path of success,
    To where it leads is truly unknown.

    Day by day life is anew,
    Sunrise distinct from sunset.
    First I wash and next I dry,
    Off I am to another start.
    Red balloons keep me up,
    99 of them go by.

    Without a motivation all turns blank,
    Where shades of grey persist.
    Colorless times brings nothing more than confusion,
    Coloring every day brings a point where to stand.
    A simple song that brings a surge of energy,
    That which is necesary to go on.


    Awakening: Chapter 3

    Loosing a friend,
    Finding an answer.
    Growing older through hard times,
    Discovering a whole new world.
    Not knowing where to go,
    Following a sinuous road.

    Working till the time has come,
    Not yet living to the extreme.
    Reaching out to others,
    Learning when to keep to oneself.
    Wisdom aquired by life,
    Priceless for what to come.

    Things are lost and found in life,
    You never know what will happen.
    Sometimes you'll never see again what you saw,
    So take each moment in life as a gift that you receive but once.
    Grasp it to its fullest with all your might,
    But know when to go on...


    Breathing: Chapter 4

    Transitions and decisions are made,
    Strain weakening slowly the mind.
    Going forward none the less,
    Entering the eye of the storm.
    Calmness taking over,
    Turbulence soon maybe to come.

    Friends, family and people,
    All along the path.
    Going about their own lives,
    Crossing crossroads from time to time.
    Lending a hand when fit it seems to them,
    To accept or decline is up to the receiver.

    Still things do not stop,
    There mustn't be hesitation in what has been decided.
    Letting go of certain facts would not be wise,
    Creating more confusion in what is to come would follow.
    Releasing the strain that is within to go on further,
    Taking a deep breath to let it all out...


    Time: Chapter 5

    Gathering evermore momentum,
    Compression of events in a single mind.
    Restriction of choices partially imposed,
    Life doesn't stop as experience is gained.
    Time after time there is chaos expanding,
    Unattended it will not forgive.

    Unknown factors coming into account,
    Helping hands that bring a spark of hope.
    Others do not always comprehend,
    As understanding is never easy.
    Motivation leads the way,
    Unrelenting as always.

    A road ends after so little time,
    Unimportant yet present none the less.
    Exploration of every direction leading to comprehension,
    Complications arising without any stops.
    Laying ahead in the mists of time,
    Things are remembered and others are lost...


    Chapter 6 doesn't exist I

    Chapter 7: Lucky Number seven

    What is destiny when life does not flow smoothly?
    Where does time come into play in this so called intricate orchestration?
    Dates and age have no meaning,
    And yet I grow when they align.
    Blazing ideas that make me go further on,
    Lost in the confusion of all around me.

    Culminating times where the beast should appear,
    No signs that he is to come.
    Interpretations wronged at every turn,
    Only errors may bring results.
    Luck has no substance whatsoever,
    Winning is only half of the prize.

    Never ending grounds that shift under my feet,
    Growing thinner or thicker at every step.
    A child looking at the sky with innocent eyes,
    His thoughts falling upon the idea of freedom.
    Still the gap is far far away and out of sight,
    The choice has not yet been placed upon...


    Good evening

    Withering without a single petal,
    Lost beyond the tides of the endless sea.
    Flowing waves without water,
    Air passing by without a breeze.
    Pondering about what life has to offer,
    A lost soul watches the day turn to night.

    Holding on to a fleeting memory,
    Waking up in a world of bliss.
    Tears falling in the world of consciousness,
    Smiling at what is at hand.
    Engraving every last second,
    Before all is forever lost.

    Waking up once again,
    Taking a breath to feel the air all around you.
    Taking a shower to clean your body,
    Feeling it pour gently on your skin.
    Saying words of various meanings,
    Known only to those who are a part of your life.

    Saying good evening to a dawn that has long ago passed,
    Yet its true meaning is far from what it was intended for…


    Randomness (kinda rhyms so not so random)

    Flying by the eternal skies,
    Growing older as time flies.
    Treading along random paths,
    Going where you need to fast.
    Accumulating strain upon yourself,
    Endlessly life is taken away as a theft.

    Cowering before yet another crime,
    Distancing yourself in the face of time.
    Yielding to the simple path,
    Where you will inevitably recieve the shortcut's wrath.
    Filling your experience of unresolved mistakes,
    Letting yourself flow in a mirror of fakes.

    Ending abruptly I must do,
    Life cannot wait for what I will undo.
    Leaving behind what is unfinished,
    Quitting as what remains is quenched.
    Riddles and mysteries leading to truths,
    Holding back the enigma that lurks in our roots...


    Flirting with life

    Wave a hand at a stranger,
    Live a moment full of mystery.
    Solve a riddle in your mind,
    Answered before you could imagine.
    Forget all that you've learned,
    Waiting for something to occur.

    Silenced tears resound all around,
    An icy breath leaks a bloody sentiment.
    Taming oneself before it is too late,
    Death does not come to those who desire it.
    Fear without a doubt of the mind,
    Flickering into reality the shadows come forth.

    Why do we always misunderstand?
    What makes us what we are?
    Do we truly learn to desire?
    Will we ever know the truth?
    Whatever comes is in the future,
    Faraway or beyond the corner of your life.


    And for is...

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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Personal collection

    This is a very large collection... Lol. I'll actually have to read some of it one day. Lol.
    Seduced by Flesh

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    Re: Personal collection

    Its good stuff, your a natural!

    May my eyes PIERCE your body, PARALIZING you with your SOUL restless. You have been DAMNED, listen for only my MARK on the WIND will give you back a walking LIFE, somthing for your soul to FILL!

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    Closed eyes

    Insight that holds no catches,
    Formalities without a form.
    Falling upon a derived world,
    Confused of the light that shines so bright.
    Eyes peering through a heavy mist,
    Glaring at a place she does not know.

    A voice talking without a body,
    Being observed by nothing at all.
    Searching for a path to leave,
    Finding a door of many shapes.
    Seeing many others like her in this place,
    All as confused but none reachable by her presence.

    Light came through the small opening,
    Curiosity enthralled the women.
    Her eyes could see no longer,
    Blindness had once again come back.
    The world she knew was there anew,
    Darkness welcomed her with open arms...

    Inspired of HellsPunker's work I've read.


    Poetry in blood,
    Recklessness towards the audience.
    Tears of jade shrapnels,
    Hollow soul of complete emptiness.
    Ending abrubtly,
    Releasing feelings still enchained.

    Victory of the singular,
    Reason to persevere.
    Condemnation of the many,
    Interiorisating a firm conviction.
    Power left aside,
    Seeing the reality in desire.

    Hearts of many lay bare,
    Needles of confusion all around.
    Entering the bowels of life,
    Seeing a butterfly pierce the mind.
    Meeting the flames of death,
    Accepting the fate of the end.

    Inspired by the movie Frida, it was well made and I think it may be something that shows us what we are, though through so many facades that you can get lost if you misinterpret but a fraction of it.
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Personal collection

    You're definitely very talented and a natural. Good collection. I'm not much of a poetry person. Otherwise would have commented more.

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    Re: Personal collection

    You should have done one poem at a time on this thread. Like post your first, get feedback from that one and post another. It is too overwhelming to read. Maybe you should try one at time. And then i will give it a chance. Too much to read at once, how am i suppose to give each one the proper attention?

    I'm a glass child. I am Hannah's regrets. Monster.

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