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Thread: The Profound Truths (part2)

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    The Profound Truths (part2)

    Civilization is an ideal, a following.
    There is no unique, no special, just different.
    Man cannot live without murder or death,
    it has become as necessary as oxygen.

    Without war, where would Earth be?
    Our planet will have fallen from space,
    the immense population falling along with it.
    Killing takes away the burden of life.

    News of genocide across the seas,
    shields us from the plain facts.
    Our world is coming to an end,
    The era of 'humane death' shall be no more.

    The planet will wilt and decay.
    Living existence following deftly after
    almost like a murder following a bullet.
    The skies will turn black on that day.

    Many will die for the forever-unnamed cause.
    Everyone will scream, cry, and shout,
    their families dead, their bodies beaten blue.
    Soon, the sweet maiden Death will seize them.

    The is the torrid truth, the perceived reality.
    Again, all we can see are the lies and artificial smiles.
    These are the unavoidable facts, the predetermined fate.
    The question; who will usher in Armageddon, who will kill us all

    I think I'm using these poems to represent something of me, even though all poems are pretty much self-representation, these ones don't really fall into such a generic category though.

    This poem is another thing I can't explain, I just wrote down what I thought about thinking, the future, death and whatnot. Soon, an idea came to me and for a short while, that little door all poets have in their minds opened for me and I could see exactly what I wanted to write.

    Please enjoy and tell me, what are your thoughts on thinking and even some of the horridly true truths the world is facing and hiding from.
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    Re: The Profound Truths (part2)

    Once again FLawEdmiNd, you have truly captivated my attention! The title of the poem draws you in, and then the poem it self keeps you wanting to read, the imagery in the poem is outstanding, and somehow the poem reflects what's going on in the world today! I really enjoyed reading this poem! Something so deep as this poem is nothing less than beautiful! Outstanding job! Continue to allow me the opportunity to read your work! Thank you for sharing with me!

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