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    Lightbulb Shattered


    Standing in the rain as water drips down my face
    I look down and see my shattered reflection in a puddle
    Thinking of a passionate love that once burned hot
    Being put out by you attitude like a freezing wind

    Thoughts of trying to regain that love no longer alive
    Watching my heart and emotions being buried six feet under
    A lifeless body stands there watching as the dirt piles up
    No tears able to flow like a river dammed up by stone

    I held you in my arms and heard you say that you loved me
    But yet I see you walking holding hands with another
    Walking down a red carpet that is my heart that once beat
    Forever my soul shall feel an eternal hell that will never end

    Then when he breaks your heart you come to me to cry
    Asking me to love you once again but there is nothing left
    Darkness has already set in and love has become hatred
    You look into my eye and see the fires of hell burning

    You realize the pain and anguish you have caused me
    Now you’re holding Satan who begins to laugh in your face
    The pain that once rained down on me begins to fall on you
    Now you look at the puddle of your tears shattered by love

    comments are welcomed, after all I am trying to become better at writing poems.
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    Re: Shattered

    Hmm. The last verse in the first stanza seems odd to me. And you make allusions and metaphors that i simply do ot understand. Lol. However, the way you executed the poem is a refreshing way.
    Seduced by Flesh

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