I decided to try something new, since I love music and I made a promise to an awesome friend I decided to write a song. I would love to hear any comments and critiques.

Sweet Release

(Ah…. Sweet release, sweet release)

From the day that I first met you,
I knew that were meant to be
Each day I gaze into your eyes,
The more your love takes over me

Like the flowers bloom in the spring,
How children play and birds sing
My heart beats so fast because,
I’ve finally found my sweet release


You’re the sunshine after it rains,
The sparkling light that guides the way
The warm hand that holds mine,
And leads me to eternity

Because I know I’ve found true peace,
Because my heart is now at ease
Because I begin to reach for you my one and only love.
When I feel this peace, I know I’ve found my sweet release

Love amazes and inspires me,
The wonders never to seem to cease
Drowning in heart that’s almost endless as the blue sea
So let my love be with you my sweet release that’s all I need

Sweet release, sweet release
(Stay with me)

Sweet release, sweet release
(You’re all I need)

Sweet release…
(That’s all I need)