Thoughts of once being love burned into my mind
Like the pain of a kid falling and scraping his knee
Never to forget your venomous poison in my heart
Seeping through my veins turning my blood black

Eternal flames now surround and engulf my heart
Causing every emotion I once felt to flee my soul
As I lay lifeless on the ground watching you smile
I realize that the my love will never be rejuvenated

Now bound to death by your relentless thorns of hell
The hatred for you now sets in and forms a new devil
Now your heart begins to beat as your love emerges
Like a phoenix from its red warm slumbering ashes

You start to remember the love etched onto you heart
As kids remember the joys playing and making friends
Tears start to form as you being to take head to reality
Now you realize you want and had an unforgettable love