So much for real love…

It was all so perfect, you finally noticed me
These years I’ve watched you love and get broken
Still you never saw my heart lying out before you
So what now

No one told me I shouldn’t love you
Who’s to say love is wrong, that it’s sin
Their screaming it hurts my ears
Why should we run from this, they’ll accept us

Tell me, why are they angry with us
All we did was open our hearts, is that bad
No, no don’t cry over this, over me
Here look, we’ll go away and love in exiled peace

Just don’t ever regret this, I hope you never will
Cause the second you do my heart will break
The stars will fall and the moon will frown
In those moments though, I’ll still love you dear sister of mine.

As you can see I'm taking a stab at writing love themed poems... oh, and as I posted in the poems section along with this.. a question.

What are you moral boundaries.. to me, incest means nothing.. it's love, it shouldn't matter, right? Wrong... or at least that's what everyone seems to think..