Veto within.

Sapphire night sky lights of blemish.
Trickle sweetly through clouded facades.
Tearing within a trivial spell of relinquish.
A bravado called unto questioning foes.

Their eyes reflect the inquisitive shimmers,
Of watery blinded sight drowning thoughts.
Quivering lips laced over mouths with tremors.
Their hearts dwell in presence of the cold.

Tears plummet with fidelity to dance with dust.
A puddle of shameful wit wrought of angst.
Spread out through sand as intricately as lust.
Confusing the bearer of truthful persuasion.

Limbs collapse in a release of apprehension,
Waiting for the corpus to deceive one’s self.
A vernacular between lines of renewed detention.
Creating the self feat which claims mortality.