The pain you're feeling
(I'm sorry)

The broken heart I caused you
(I'm sorry)

Never did I mean to
(Forgive me)

The tears you cry
(I cry)

I want to wipe away
(Please don't cry)

I hate that you feel this way
(Please forgive)

I love you
(But I moved on)

I hold you in my heart
(So deeply)

You want me be happy?
(You said it comes first)

But still you chained me
(Not letting me go)

Please let me love him!
(I'm sorry but I love him)

Why do this?

Don't you even care? That you hurting me too?
(I love him and will be with him!)

Release me from the shackles you hold me in
(Please accept I'm with with him now)

*whispers* Don't cry
(I know it hurts)

I didn't shut you out
(I'll never leave you behind)

I may love him and with him
(But I still hold you in my heart)