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Thread: BLEACH 106 OP and END

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    Re: BLEACH 106 OP and END

    Quote Originally Posted by Blade X View Post
    it might be on the side. This is suppose to happen after Ichigo and co. get back from soul society.
    That's right, Mr. Blade.

    The news has long been up, there is even a countdown for the movie to be released in Japan, which is on December the 16th, 2006.

    Here's the link: Bleach: Memories of Nobody. It's in Japanese. I don't know if there is one in English.
    Quote Originally Posted by blue_rebel View Post
    Who are all those guys? Is there going to be a love story involving Ichigo?
    Minor Spoiler below/

    That new girl in that shinigami outfit is Senna, and that white-haired guy with a scar on his left check is Ganryu. All the rest are his fellow groupies. To answer your other question, from what I know, I don't think there is anything as major as a love story involving Ichigo. It's basically protecting the world from the bad guys and saving Senna.

    /End of Spoiler

    Aside from all that, all I have to say is that I hope the movie to be a bit more interesting and sound than all the our anime-based movies I saw, which sucked. --' Oh, and btw, Aqua TimeZ will doing the movie's theme song, and their very first album has been released as well!! Check them out, they are very good in my opinion!

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    Re: BLEACH 106 OP and END

    I saw the movie right after I saw the opening and ending of bleach at that time and i was pleased with it.It's the best movie till now.Still I don't know how this last movie will be (The Diamond Dust Rebellion)...can't wait to see.

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