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Thread: Bleach is overrated!

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    Re: Bleach is overrated!

    Every one has an opinion on something an,you know,most of the time that opinion is different from yours.Some anime that you watch might be "for lifeless people" from other people's point of view.

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    Re: Bleach is overrated!

    Quote Originally Posted by rajendran View Post
    hey bleach ain't that great man... i dun care whether its overrated or popular... everybody has their own likes and dislikes...

    but.. its only for lifeless people who want badass action and graphics and cool scenes... that's all... the story really has no STORYLINE at all.. not to mention the amount of fillers it has... seriousely the fillers seem more interesting than the main story...

    the only thing gd about bleach is the characters... like wad sasuraihell said... "its the amount of relatable characters, i mean theres over 50 characters to like. the same goes for abilities and talents, not to mention the special military type groups and divisions"

    c'mon people think about this... look at where bleach started off... soul, body, and shinigami business... and look where it is now!! if u say its an interesting story about all this soul and life after death thing.. then explain vizards and arrancars... not to mention hougyoku and espadas...or even BANKAI!!

    its just screwed up... it has swayed away from its original story very much now...
    So what about that? actually by seeing that i on;y see Bleach as more unique series ,not to mention it's story line is very good and well arranged but it's way too stretched that's why ,nothing else to complain about ,even the fillers are there so they won't stop Bleach that's all.
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    Re: Bleach is overrated!

    Lich is right as far as I am concerned the more people put Bleach down the more I see in it that I like. Dont get me wrong everyone is entilted to their opinion so if they dont like Bleach thats their right. However I see a very detailed story line and a whole lot of great charters some people may not be able to follow this but I love it!

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