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Thread: create an arrancar/espada

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    create an arrancar/espada

    if you like arrancar and espada you can write down yers I'll make one so yeah

    ability:when his sword hit's any thing it uses it to it's advantage exp; when he cuts ice he can send ice shuriken from his blade, when his sword touches fire he can send fire balls etc...
    resereccion command:Obliterate the enemy Fajin Kosuku!
    remains of hollow mask:Spine and skull on chest
    description:Has spiked orange hair similar to Naruto Shippuden's pein
    I'll finish mine later you just do yours!

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    zanpakuto:a black katana with a red jagged line down the center it has no gard as he dosent need one.
    ability:extreame speed,strangth,kido,inteligence and an imence reitsu and he has the ability to minipulate reitsu at will
    resereccion command:time to hunt
    remains of hollow mask:two parts each on each side of one eye like a scar
    he was trained in shape shifting but in the process of shapeshifting into a wolf he changed his mind and decided to change into an eagle in doing so hw died in the form a 1/3 human 1/3 wolf 1/3 eagle thing. no soul reaper saved him when he died so he eventualy became a holow then becoming vastor lorde then turning into a Ancarr still in the fom that he died in and not being able to get out of that form.
    resereccion: all his coler reverses eg:his fur goes white and his wings go black. his reatsu increases ten fold his blade seeps into his body and from his arms grow two blades one white and onw black.

    lets see what comes up

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    Name: Dragoon Negro


    Espada rank: Segundo (Second)

    Tattoo/Hollow mask fragments/Hollow hole locations: Mask forms a belt and small locket and hollow hole is centered above his belt and his tattoo is on his back but is very high up almost touching neck.

    Hair: very messy black hair in a small ponytail

    Eyes: One is black while the other is white ( Hecterchromia)

    Physique: Very skinny arrancar with small calf muscle

    Zanpakuto: Dragón negro looks like a wakizaibashi with two pronged blades coming from the top

    Release command: Incinere! Dragón negro!

    Release (Ressureccion): Firstly the battlefield is trapped in a massive ball of black flame and it stays there for the rest of the release. He looks like a dragon human hybrid with his hollow mask (locket) turned into a dragon skull
    and the belt higher up into wings.

    Cero Negro (Black Hollow Flash): His cero is charged in a triangle shape he make with his fingers which seems to emit a larger triangle of dark energy, he then exhales into the cero which urns into a massive black flame in front of him.

    Gran bala lluvia (Grand Bullet Rain): He raises his hands in the air and calls the name of his zanpakuto which makes it start raining black balas which explode on contact with the target and also homes into fear and exictment (other than Dragoon).

    Auto Esfera de Destrucción (Self-Destruction): the Final resort to fights, He draws all the energy from the sphere and condenses it into a small black sphere which is then fired at the enemy making an explosion double the size of the original sphere burning everything in the radius.

    Personality: He is very stubborn and easily annoyed by anyone. He also hates being said he is going to lose which makes him so angry that he rips his opponent in half (or at least tries to)

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    Name: Galeazzo perdida


    Espada rank: Quinta Espada (fifth)

    Tattoo/Hollow mask fragments/Hollow hole locations: His number 5 tattoo is located on the inside of his right forearm just above his wrist, a mask fragment of what appears to be a top set of fangs rest atop his forehead and a hollow hole can be seen through the palm of his right hand.

    Hair: medium length black hair slightly messy on the top

    Eyes: both eyes are emerald green

    Physique: A short kid-like arrancar only looking in his latter teens, slightly on the thin side.

    Zanpakuto: meteorito (meteorite) when unreleased is a standard looking katana only without the hilt,the blade has also been tempered with an alloy fiber making it much lighter and creating a small unstable magnetic field within the sword. disguised as a wooden stick the sword is always concealed at Galeazzo's side.

    Release command: Caer! meteorito!

    Release (Ressureccion): Galeazzo points his weapon meteorito out in front of him and shouts caer! meteorito! (Spanish for fall meteorite) suddenly a Garganta opens and a large light streaks out impacting with Galeazzo and blinding those around him. when the light fades Galeazzo's weapon has changed taking the form of 8 large magnetic spheres that form around him acting as offensive and defensive weapons.Galeazzo's body has changed as well, growing three more arms on each side and two more legs. he focuses
    his reiatsu into the orbs in order to control there movement as well as the energy around them.

    lluvia de meteoros (Meteor shower): Galeazzo mutters the word shine to meteorito before vanishing then reappearing above the battle field and unleashing a shower of cero blasts from the blade's edge mimicking a meteor shower.

    rebanada de la división de estrellas (Star splitting slice): Galeazzo is able to use his high amount of Reiatsu to manipulate the speed of his Son*do making himself almost as fast as the speed light providing for almost invisibly fast attacks, using the magnetic field from meteorito's blade in conjunction with this technique he is able to strip the electrons that comprise the atoms all around him then send them back into each other resulting in a devastating explosion.

    Alineación cósmica (Cosmic alignment): Using the very gravity from the planet itself, Galeazzo aligns the orbs and uses there electro-magnetic energy to influence the universe, calling down a massive comet.

    Personality: A somewhat quiet arrancar, Galeazzo's thoughts often lie off the battle field in a place far above the walls of hueco mundo. for this he often earns the criticism of his fellow teammates and superiors alike. often expressing his own brand of youthful angst he fears he has not rightfully earned his place amongst the espada and must prove to the others through combat that he belongs.

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    name: schaunne lecroixa


    espada rank: 3rd

    zanpakuto: con anima

    ressureccion comand:reverse, con anima.

    fraccion: none

    eyes: dark purple

    hair: dark purple fused with a bit of black

    tatoo: the number 3 mark is on her cheek.

    hollow hole: exact location of heart

    hollow mask: black n' white pointed petaled flower eye patch in right eye, eyebrows with the thingy yumichika wears in his eyebrows except white.

    hair style: resembles nuriko's hair from fushigi yuugi

    skin color: pale white



    cero double


    an' more......

    abilitiesresureccion)her hair is longer, her hollow mask is fully shown.

    target locked

    focuses a bombing attack, like a cero into An opponent.

    hallowed blast :

    a wave of thin, white lighting striking the enemies.

    divine cross

    everything she wears and wields traansforms into any form of a cross.


    reverses the time before she was attacked, then attacks the opponent the milisecond after.

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    Zanpakuto:Hebiyomi[snake underworld]
    Ability:He can not be cut by any sword except for by somebodies who has a stronger reitsu.Also he can analyze any cero or spirtual pressure attack like getsu tenshou and break it down before it hits him and he can eat a living being and gain half of its spirtual pressure.
    resereccion command:Scream Susano Hebiyomi {storm god snake underworld]
    remains of hollow mask:A piece of bone that covers his left eye like an eye patch
    description:Long brown hair and a seemingly lazy attitude.He also seems to be a little on the fat side with purple snake slit eyes
    History:Once the captain of a gotei 13 squad he was a brilliant scientist.He was also lazy so he hardly ever worked but he created poisons and diffrent kitos when he did.He was sent on a low rank mission to the human world once there millions of hollows tore through the sky including several vostel lords and he was consumed by one and seemingly reborn into a the same hollow's body. once found by aizen in hueco mundo he was transformed into a arrancar he his still a scientist who resides in las noches.He is ranked espada number 3
    resereccion:His eye patch remains but now it combines with a set of grissly teeth running along his jaw line HE also grows wat looks like complete body armor except for his legs and feet and a long scorpion like tail that is full of deadly poisons with long poisonus claws he also can launched his ultimate cero from his mouth in this form known as Amaterasu Omikami,[sun goddess]

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    Re: create an arrancar/espada

    I know that this thread is a little old, but we really don't need it, seeing that we already have a "Create your own Bleach character." thread

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