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Thread: create your own skill

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    create your own skill

    It ould be wicked to make your own skill, if you could what would it be mines would be Lightning storm.You get to summon a huge cloud that makes huge thunders fall around you protection you like a thunder shield it keeps going for 5 hours straight wich almost makes u invinsible to physycal attack and it reflects any reiutsu ability.

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    Re: create your own skill

    mine would be the control of time. i could slow it down so i appear really fast and i can dodge and attack better. Speed up time so i can make things decay very quickly and stop time altogether to kill my enemys in a blink of an eye

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    Re: create your own skill

    Mine would be like a Death Note concept, I can instantly mark someone with a certain sign meaning death and over a period of 3 minutes they would experience fatigue, then, decreased circulation, after that rigamortis would set in and finally death. Such a sadistic mind I have. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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