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Thread: Make your own Bleach Character

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    Make your own Bleach Character

    Ok ok I know that this is not normal for this forum but I would like to see what lovers of Bleach would make for their own characters.

    Race: (Human, shinigami, mod soul, quincy, bount, vizard, Or arrancar)
    Here is mine:

    Name: Daisuke Doregan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Ability: Doragon-iki Kaihou(Translasion: Dragon Spirit Release)
    Personality: Protective and sensitive
    Skills: Samilar to Orihime, he can use the Doragon Hakari Kaihou to defend, heal and attack, but unlike Orihime, Diasuke can use any of the dragon spirits for what he needs and the power and type of the moves depend on what dragon spirit(s) he uses.
    Draco: Dragon Claw
    Clodina: Healing Thunder Mist
    Uryuu: Golden Dragon Skin
    History: Was just able to the outlines of the spirits, Daisuke Doregan found three flat stones in a cave and fashion them into a braclet that he never takes off. After several close incounters with Hollows, he could see spirits fully. One day a hollow attack and he could not escape. A inner voice said call out my name, and the first name came to him by instinct, "Draco, Dragon Claw." And his right arm and hand turn into a claw of a dragon and slash the hollow's make into shards. After the hollow was defeated, he fainted. While Daisuke was resting, three dragons appeared to him in a dream. They told him their names and that he was charge to find the rest of the dragons and unit them. They also told Daisuke that he need to train to find them, and each time he found a dragon scale(the stones that hold the dragon spirit) it would lead him to the next dragon. Unknown to Daisuke, he is the last dragon spritit that he needs to find.

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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Name: Riley Knight
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shinigami
    Ability:Fire/Ice zanpakutō: rayearth
    Personality: Helping, protective,
    Skills:anything that deals with fire or ice
    History: ???

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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Name: Ezekial Vyse (Zeik)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vizard
    Ability/zanpakutō: unknown
    Personality: Zeik is quiet, observant has a high intellect and is in the habit of saying only what he truly means.
    Skills: unknown
    History: Little is known about Zeik only that he suddenly appeared in the human world one day. Failure to recognize his zanpakuto as the pendant he wars around his neck has lead many shinigami to the mistake of assuming him a hollow because of his mask. A mistake they quickly learn to regret. He is the only person alive powerful enough to be totally unaffected by normal laws (like the creation and destruction of energy and mass) although he obeys them regardless; in fact some shinigami think him to be heir to the long lost king. While others don't believe he exists and that he is a character told in childrens stories to remind young souls to be careful or inspire hope in their hearts.

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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    I'd like myself to be in BLEACH. Woo~~~! (Laughs)

     click to show spoiler

    Name: Aya

    Gender: Female

    Horoscope: Gemini + Cancer

    Race: Shinigami

    Eye color: Right eye- Red, Left eye- Gray

    Hair color: Brown

    Skin color: White - fair

    Weapon of choice: Zanpakutou - An iaido which is already in shikai form.

    Name of weapon: Shininoroikage *Kage-san~*

    Skills: Sword skills and a little martial arts. (Lacks in kidou)

    Position in Gotei 13: Hopefully to be the lieutenant for the 13th Division. (Laughs)

    Background story of character: Histories are for losers.

    Hobbies: Reading and sleeping under the rain.

    Likes: Being alone and quiet, teacups and teapots, chopsticks, swords, and Japanese food.

    Dislikes:The hyena-type of people.

    Characteristic: Sensible and 0% depression. There's always other things to smile and laugh about.
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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Name: Fayt Lingod

    Characteristics: Black Hair, Blue Eyes, White Shinigami Kimono thing

    Age: indeterminable, his zanpaktou is so powerful that he may be older than the captian-commander

    Rank: none, he moves from world to world destroying hollows and often stays in huec mundo

    Zanpaktou: Arcenciel (french: rainbow)
    Shikai powers: Arcenciel takes the form of an english longsword and is surrounded by a seven colored aura. Arcenciel can launch attacks of seven types
    Red: fire
    Orange: Thunder
    Yellow: lightning
    Green: Acid
    Blue: water
    Indigo: ice
    Violet: freezes the target in time for seven "freed time seconds" which equate to 7 minuetes in which Fayt can act normally
    these powers must be used in order.
    (this is wat i get for manualy copying rather than cut/paste). As well as using the seven powers in order, Fayt must wait 70 seconds to use the next one, and only after using all 7 can he release his bankai.

    Bankai: Bel Arcenciel Dansant (Beautiful Dancing Rainbow)
    Spell to release: Guidez mes etapes (guide my steps)
    Bankai powers:
    The sword grows no longer, however the aura of light extends over Fayt's entire body. Fayt can now use his Shikai powers out of order. As well, he can combine the colors for different affects; the most powerful of these is to combine them all, turning everything around him to glass, even people, in a violent blast of light. his speed and power in bankai is almost unparalleled, but he has only used it once, he killed three Vasto Lordes with it at one time.

    (Stupid to not just paste): As well, Arcenciel is unique in that it's Shikai form has no release command, its release command is for Bankai. Fayt Says, "Bankai" and as the transformation begins he says "Guidez mes Etapes", then he says his zanpaktou's name after the transformation is complete

    Other Abilities: Fayt is moderately powerful at Kidou, but he rarely uses it. His ability to use Shunpo eclipses even Yoruichi because he has so much more Reiatsu to devote to his own maneuverability.

    Interesting Aspects: Fayt is under a permanent and self-imposed power limit. His Spiritual power is sealed down to .1% of it's normal. the last time he released more power than that he destroyed a continent (now the pacific ocean). If absolutely necessary, he can realease more power by saying "Limiter Override, All things Must Die" he then states the % of power he wants.
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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Good work people. I see some are made to be gods in the world,, but those ones I like, very like.  9741
    "How to draw a dragon: 'Cautiously approach the dragon, offer it a piece of candy or a little sister, and draw while it happily munches away.'" J. Neodragon Peffer

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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Oooooo This looks like fun!

    Name: Kinroto Dreadnaught

    Age: 200 year shinigami

    Eye Color: Brown

    Special Characteristics: Scar on left cheek and usually wearing glasses even though unneeded. His Kimono has a blueish tint to the black.

    Hair Color: Night sky blue

    Gender: Male

    Race: Shinigami

    Ability/zanpakutō: Gemma Ventus Vesica (Latin: Gem Wind Blade)

    Release Command: Paralyze the Heavens with your beauty and freeze hell with your power, GEMMA VENTUS VESICA

    Zanpakuto release: The sword itself stays virtually the same, however, the hilt becomes wirey-ish. . . the sword arm gains a white layer over the fabric. 13 gems/substances appear along the arm. Taking one out and crushing it spreading the dust over the blade gives it a new power. The blade changes form a little to match the color of the element. The alignment down the arm determine strength of the gem.
    The alignment is Water, Wind, Fire, Metal, Earth, Ice, Sound, Time, Light, Non-Elemental, Healing, Lightning, Dark. The power difference is slight until Dark. His power surges and he loses all control over his power and attacks everything, using as much power as possible behind every attack.
    Garnet: Fire (Red)
    Sardonyx: Lightning (Violet)
    Aquamarine: Water (Royal Blue)
    Saphire: Ice (Light Blue)
    Ruby: Earth (Brown)
    Steel (don't ask): Metal (Silver)
    Topaz: Light (Yellow)
    Amythyst: Dark (Black)
    Malachite: Wind (Green)
    Cordierite: Time (Orange)
    Uvarovite: Sound (Transparent)
    Zircon: Healing (Beige)
    Diamond: Non-elemental (Even though contradictory, White)

    Skills: 13 less powerful but even still bankais. . . Not big on Kidou . . . Highly battle oriented. . . Each Bankai has its own name. Ex: Dark: Irkaken ; Light: Nekakri ; Ice: Nekiren ; Lightning: Nekarin ; Water: Niraken. When in bankai, can switch between bankais without reverting to shikai, however deceives opponents until he needs to reveal it. The bankai for Dark is as powerful as a normal bankai. This bankai doesn't follow the normality of the others. The blade changes to a Scimitar and is black. It summons a large shadowy figure that fights alongside him. In this form he can also use Shadow Slasher, which is an attack that uses a large amount of reiatsu and releases it all at once to blast anything within five thousand feet with a devastating attack.

    Personality: Very much like Shunsui. . . however, a little more calm about the ladies


    Position In Gotei 13: Some seat under Sunsui, hiding his power like Ikaku.
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    Re: Make you own Bleach Character

    Name: Death
    Squad:11th just part
    Release:Turns into gloves with spikes on them.
    Bankai:ultimate defence (armor forms around the the user and it is skin tight (like greed form full-metal))
    History:joined squad 11 just cause it seemed like the best to make hes fighting skill better and all he likes to do is fight and kill.

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