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Thread: Make your own Bleach Character

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    name:Nigade Hokuzaro
    ability/zanpakuto:ice ability zanpakuto name kizari
    shikai command:turn all earth to ice kizari haikero! sword splits into two and spikes of ice surround the blades
    bankai:kizari haikero nomaden! both swords turn into full ice that can change shape and he is surrounded by ice taking the form of a hawk
    manifestation:ice blue hawk with red eyes
    description: build similar to kenpachi's with a hair like ichigo's except it's black and he wears the usual soul reaper uniform
    skills:can use ice for any kind of weapon such as shurikens and kunai to shoot from his zanpakuto and when in bankai he can create any weapon or barrier and can use all ice bakudo without using spirit energy!
    history:during his time in the academy he was attacked by the original espada and both his parents were killed which made him have a goal to kill all hollows and become the captain commander but never was aible to join a squad until he was 15 and became the 3'rd seat on squad 13 but was distraught when his best friend and teammate Kaiien died he quit all together but rejoined years later and became liutenant of squad 13!
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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Captain Zouyen Shinden

    Age: (physical age = 24) actual age = 820

    Gender: male

    Eye color: bright teal

    Class: Top class soul reaper captain

    Height: 6'0

    Hair color: Black (topknot with bangs)

    Weight: 170lbs

    Race: Shinigami (Soul Reaper Captain)

    Zonpaktou: Purazuma Ryuu (Plasma Dragon)

    Ability: Purazuma Ryuu is the plasma dragon zonpaktou, taking the shape of a Japanese katana. Purazuma Ryuu Becomes immersed in an intense light when captain Shinden takes the blade out of it's sheath. the light that surrounds the blade is pure hot plasma energy that also reflects Captain Shinden's own spiritual energy. The power and ability of the zonpaktou is comprised of many millennia of fallen soul reapers in history. channeled together in a single zonpaktou. Said to be one of the most powerful zonpaktou in history, Purazuma Ryuu is said to be capable of destroying the entire soul society if pushed past a certain level. Wielding such a infamously powerful zonpaktou, requires an unheard of amount of spiritual energy, only capable of being wielded by Captain Zouyen. He wears his sword to the right as that of a true samurai.

    Shinkai: The blade it's self becomes wrapped in a sheet of hot plasma. in combat, the extremely bright, white light and the immense heat from the released energy of the zonpaktou cause all that surrounds the wielder to become affected by the heat or blinded by the light. While this happens to all that surrounds it (friend or foe) Captain Zouyen Shinden is completely unaffected because the owner of the sword is immune. If making contact with an enemy, not only will the zonpaktou cut the enemy, but it will burn them with the plasma energy as well.

    Bankai: Said to have be fully released only ONE time in history,

    utterance=NOW YOU DIE! SHININGU GENKEISHITSU-RYUUJIN KOKETSU(shining plasma dragon god; jaws of death)

    The manifested plasma dragon stowed in the blade is released into a physical plasma dragon. about 96 feet in length, the dragon god surrounds Zouyen and protects him. Circling Captain Shinden at speed-ed pace but with its head staring at the enemy. Zouyen also becomes covered by almost impregnable traditional samurai armor on his body and bearing a shogun's helmet & mask. (white). the zonpaktou (the katana) becomes a long two -handed samurai katana, with a circle on the bottom of the back of the blade with 3 large spikes on it About 4 centimeters away from the tsuba. The attack is the Zouyen slashing his enemy with a white hot energy blast from the blade, then the plasma dragon it's self flying to the enemy and swallowing them. burning them into an ash of nothingness along with anything that surrounds them.

    Manifestation:The actual dragon of purazuma ryuu is like a great samurai Master. he is a mentor to captain Shinden. showing experience in old age, the dragon does not joke around. 100% serious in all thing involving Zouyen. he deems zouyen worthy of welding him because many of the soul reapers before him were weak and unskilled. Impressed by Zouyen's dedication and training, he views him as his favorite student.

    Personality: Although he sometimes battles with his past. Captain Shinden is a loving, kind hearted young man. Dedicated to his training, he mentures and Tudors many of the students in the soul society. people gain a since of well being moral when under his instruction. He has a sense of humor that can give anyone a smile. he enjoys sushi, practicing kendo & Sharpening his infamously flawless Iaido (samurai sword art), and spends time to time enjoying tea, the females in the soul society seem to take a liking to him because of his charisma and general nature. (he is also one of the only MALE soul reapers to get close to the heart of the captain of squad 2: Soifon) She is his sparring partner, they share common interest, they also eat lunch together from time to time Soifon & Zouyen are very close friends... might even be more than that..

    Skills: Renowned samurai when he was alive in the physical world. Now he is the most skilled swordsman in the soul society. He is a master of Japanese Iaido, and hardly ever uses his shinkai, he can easily split a Minos grandee` in half with one stroke of his blade. Zouyen has gone through hundreds of years of training, and fought in the toughest wars learning many things about combat.

    Description: 6 feet even, wearing traditional Soul reaper captain haori & hakima, with the captain of squad 9, clean shaven, looking to be about in his early twenties. he has long black hair worn in a topknot with a few bangs loose, and with a green rubber band on the bun, he wears his zonpatou to the right side. (captain zaraki kampachi calls him a "pretty boy" mocking that his graceful disposition doesn't reflect well on him as a captain)

    Martial Art Type: Bushido-Budo, Kendo, Kedo, & Mostly Iaido

    History: Zouyen was born in the physical world more than 800 years ago. His father was a samurai general in the Japanese army, and his mother stayed at home caring and teaching him. during his time, his mother and father raised him and cared for him dearly. but about around the time he was 7 years old, his mother was killed by a hollow right before his eyes. his father was a warrior, and was in combat for long periods of time. within that same year, zouyen wrote him letters telling him about what happen and how much he missed him and his dear mother. he fended for himself the entire year until his father returned. Young Zouyen and his beloved father embrace and break into tears. After giving his mother a proper burial, he accompanied his father from there on out. He became his moral support and aided him every way he could(Sharpening his Japanese tungsten *tachi* -long sword-, bandaging his wounds, cooking his favorite dishes, ect.). during this time, his father also taught him Iaido and sumiyaka-dageki-kiru (speed ,strike , kill) until he surpassed his father with his natural skill. As the years past and Zouyen became older, he accompanied his father in many wars, helping him and his clan gain victory time and time again until he became surrounded by the enemy warlord's personal army. Zouyen and his father fought back to back against hordes of soldiers, but they sustained injuries as well. at a point in the battle where him and his father were cut badly and injured, his father thought about surrendering, but Zouyen quickly screamed "IF IM GOING TO DIE! IM GOING TO DIE A SAMURAI!!". with that utterance he lifted his father's spirits and the two of them kept on fighting until the entire battle ground was covered in the bodies & blood of the warlord's men. with one final swoop, Zouyen's father killed the warlord with his mighty sword. after returning it to it's sheath, he glanced over and saw that his son was kneeling on the ground (leaning against his sword while the tip of the blade was shoved into the ground.) his father said to him, "we have one my son, now our land is free", but Zouyen uttered to him as his his father approached him saying "I'm so happy.... if only mother could be he to see that we live in a free land now. I know she is in the heavans watching us and rejoicing" after that utterence he collapsed. his father say that he was bleeding too much and had many injurys from the battle, he began to tear up and as zouyen told him how much he loved fighting along side him and slowly closed his eyes in death. with tears running down his cheeks, Zouyen's father preyed a last prayer for his fallen son, with long heart felt "Namu". then his last words to him:

    "Now you can rest your soul my son, may you keep the spirit of the samurai even in the after life"

    Zouyen's spiritual pressure was watched by Old man Yamamoto once he passed on into the soul society. Yamamoto personally requested a meeting with him, after they met, Yamamoto told Zouyen about what made him different, and gave him the opportunity to stay in the soul society, live among the other soul reapers, learn, and teach his art to the prospects. he accepted. but first he had to go through everything the other prospects had to go through (learn kido, hado, his bankai, shikai, ect) everyone noticed that Zouyen excelled far better and faster than all other begining soul reapers in his class. once it was time, Old man yamamoto gave him a tachi katana the was very similar to the one Zouyen's father weilded, and gave him instructions to go atop a mountin in the and find "the soul of your zonpaktou". On that mountin top layed a giant bolder with a seal on it surrounded by many skeletons. Once Zouyen placed the sword against the bolder, a giant dragon split the bolder in half and came flying out of it. the dragon came to call itself Purazuma Ryuu, then it casted itself into Zouyen's blade. now his sword is a zonpaktou. opon returing to the soul society, yamamoto informed him apon the history of his mighty zonpaktou, noticing that all other that try to hold the dragon were killed by it's power, but Zouyen's spiritual energy was more than enough to hold its power.

    with that, Yamamoto said to him: "Welcome to the Gotei 13 court gard squads... Captian Shinden"
    (*Gotei 14* in my version)
    (yes, Zouyen being a full fledged samurai soul reaper captain, he is a HELL of alot more powerful than Byakuya Kuchiki)

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    sorry dragon born but id like to just say these if anyone is intersted in doing a bleach Rpg there's one going on right now^^ at Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad if your intersted then please go to Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread) and read the rules pleace thanks dragon born ^^

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    My character is this

    Race:Human Bounty Hunter
    Ability:Reitusu Black Flame Dragon Spirit

    Skills:Unlike anyone he has his own unique ability to use the power and spirit of beasts and he is also able to create his own creations out of fire and he has the ability to summon Kemoirio the black flame dragon wolf and can only be summoned when Reiutsu Flame Dragon spirit is activated.

    Kemoirio's abilitys:Reitsu drain,tornadoes of fire whirlpool of flames and FLAME POWERS OF THE FORBIDDEN,wich makes Kemoirio two times bigger and powerfull.

    Personality:Likes to be hidden in the shadows,hes sneaky and is not very gentle and will destroy any hollow just for being asked to hes also very fast, he also has a huge hatred for hollows

    History:When his parents where killed in an attack from the Hollows he became an orphan who started training and using skills and abilitys at the age of 10 became very powerfull until one day he discovered that he had a power to summon a beast named,Kemoirio.Kemoirio became Blaze's gaurdian and since he is trapped inside Blazes body until Blaze needs him for real theyr bonded as one so Blaze could talk to Kemoirio by using his mind.


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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    age: unknown
    zanpaktou :raging tiger
    hair: silver
    squad: undercover ops squad
    release form: zanpaktou becomes a shapeshifting spirit that can match any enimes power also a[ vizor]
    hollow form: mask covers left side of face when damaged instantly repairs my body no time limit

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character


    Age:teen years


    appearence:5'6, black messy hair, light brown eyes


    Ability/zanpakutō:spitit image
    His zanpakutōs shiki form is a long wooden pole with 2 short blades on the end. while using it he has the ability to make copys of himself by halfing his spirit energy and pressure. he can also leave an afterimage and an image where he or a copy is about to go to make it look like there is many of him fighting. It is used to confuse the enemy as they dont know what one to attack. his banki is he taps in to the soul energy of everyone who has ever been to the place he is fighting and makes a solid copy of them. this brings an army of copys to attack his foe.the copys draw swords and swarm of the enemies and kill them with their sheer numbers

    Personality:laid back and humorus but gets serious when he has to be

    Skills:the spirit image affect, expert at kido and combat, can see spirits, flash step expert

    History:izzuki was born in japan but was attacked by hollows because of his extreamly high spirit energy. he left home as he said that he was a threat to his family as they got injured by a hollow. one day while while travaling he was saved from a hollow by a soul reaper and ever since then he vowed to become a soul reaper to save people from sorrow. Izzuki was hit by a bus and killed but he was sent to the soul society and became a full fleged soul reaper but was exiled because they said his zanpakutō was to much of a threat so he is now a huntsmen/tracker whos only goal is to kill as many hollows as possible. he has been known to help the soul reapers but pefers to fight and kill them on sight

    in the end, one thing is always certain, and that is, death

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Honihana

    Age: Unknown, slightly older than Retsu Unohana

    Race: Exiled shinigami, former captain of 8th division

    Appearance/Personality: has some face similarities to Masaki Kurosaki and long blonde hair, She is sllim, light skin and like Gin, barely opens her eyes (only opens them when using shikai) Her eyes are god in colour and has the eirises of a cat. She has a cool, laidback, joyful personality. She is always drunk and uses it as a advantage in fighting making her successful in Hoho and Kido.

    Zanpakuto: Kin Seppun (Golden Kiss), Takes form of a katana with a golden handle and a crossguard the shape of a vase with a line through it, the crossguard is gray in colour.

    Shikai: Rokotsu waga shin! Kin Seppun! (Open my heart!, Golden Kiss) Kin Seppun starts to bend in an abstract battern and forms into a jug with a flower pattern on it and is gold in colour with the flower pattern being white.

    Shikai special ability: The liquid in Kin Seppun is liquid steel that can be bent in any way and can be made into blades and a field of spikes. Also if the liquid is drank by her she can make spikes generate from her body. If anyone else drinks it they're impaled from the inside and eventually explode.

    Bankai: Not yet revealled, Though she has been known to use it in quick desparation. Only Retsu claims to have seen it but has not told anyone about it since.

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name:Virgil Zieno
    Race:Espada no.1
    Personality:Calm,Intelligent,and Cool
    Skills:Ceros,Hollowfication,and Demonic Abilities
    History:Once was a Vice-Captain Shinigami in Squad1.He was Yamamoto's favorite discple untol the fateful day when Aizen decided to recruit him for his exterme power and heavy spiritual pressure.Virgil didn't want to go at first,but when he felt there was nothing else Captain Yamamoto could teach he left to start honing his skills(becoming stronger to stop Aizen)And no one's seen him sense

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