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Thread: Make your own Bleach Character

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character





    zanpakuto:kageshi (shadowdeath)

    personality:a very mean,rude arrancar that loves to kill.

    resurreccion command:kill from the shadows

    mask remains:his mask forms a mouthpiece on right shoulder


    resurreccion form:his mouthpiece is on his face now and forms a demon like skull and he gains very sharp teeth and horns his zanpakuto forms a sythe.

    history:He was created by Aizen to be the most strongest arrancar but he was to strong for aizen to control and shadow left to find and gather all adjuchas and vasto lorde so he can take over Hurco Mundo and the Soul Society.
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    Talking Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name:Naomi Shizuke

    Age:140 soul reaper
    15 Human


    Race:Shinigami,captain of squad 3

    Hair color:Brown

    Hair style:Hair little past shoulders,flat.

    Eye color:Red


    Personality:She is a calm girl unless she is called names then she gets really mad and backtalks and usually talks people out.

    Clothes:shinigami:She made her own squad 3 captains outfit since she didnt like the look.She has those things in Byakuyas hair too except its a different color.
    Human:She wears random things.But at night,she has a long black cape with black shirt,black pants,and black boots.(mainly,it looks alot like shana).She has a sun necklace in the morning,and a moon necklace at night.

    History:She died in a fire caused by someone and she got sent to the rukongai after Yamamoto saved her from a hollow.There,she met Toshiro and theyve been really close ever since.But,when she entered the acadamy,she snuck out because she thought that making souls into army like people was wrong.So,when she went to the world of the living,she met Urahara,who tutored her to achieve her zanpakto.But,Ichigo found out and defeated her in battle,sending her back to the serenitei and Yamamoto making her captain of squad 3 after Gin left.

    Zanpakto:Hi Ringu(fire ring)

    Release command:Hi no naka ni tān hai(turn ashes into fire)

    I havent finished the zanpakto yet.

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: yumiro ranori

    Age: 100 years/13(human)87(shinigami)

    Gender: male

    Race: Shinigami, Captian of squad 13

    Zanpakuto: Totora(Winter Tiger), Twin saw edged katanas with a blueish white ribbon on each hilt

    Personality: Calm and almost emotionless

    Release Command: Freeze in a new ice age

    History: Froze to death on the summit of Mt.Everest, After he died Toshiro saved him from a menos grande. Toshiro noticed he had unusualy strong spiritual pressure and took him to the soul society had him enter into the academy
    where he graduated, top of his class, after 10 months and became captain of squad 13

    Bankai: First Stage: Similar to byakuyas except uses ice shurikuns
    Second Stage: Transforms into shikai state like ice katanas that freeze every thing they touch, including reishi energy and other zanpakuto
    Final Stage: Left sword transforms into ice shield that absorbs spiritual pressure ,reishi energy,kido,and low level zanpakuto

    Hollowfication: Capable of hollowfying but only uses it under extreme circumstances: mask looks like ichigos with blue X-shaped scar in the middle of face instead of a red side and a white side
    like ichigo's
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    Cool Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Mizu Ryuu (means water dragon in japanese)

    Age: 112

    Gender: femail

    Race: shinigami

    Ability/zanpakutō: Shoshoryuu

    zanpakuto looks like: a regular sword, but there is a dragon's head made out of hard steel, that has the swords blade coming out of it.

    Zanpacuto release: It takes the shape of a flame that changes colors when using different elements. the sword is super sharp, and the only element that she cant use is drakness

    element colors are:
    Purple= poison
    Brown= earth
    Brownish grey= rock
    Pink= psychic
    Green= plant
    Light blue= ice
    Yellow= electirc
    Silver= steel

    Bankai: her sword's blade splits in two, and both become long dragons attached to the same handle. the dragons have opposite elemements( for example, fire and water) and never fight. they can extend thier bodies, and while one protects mizu, the other attacks, or, both attack at the same time to reveal a devastating blow. they can never be the same element. what she says to release her bankai: Watashi wa mayonaka no sora o tobu yō ni samazamana iro no yōso ga watashi o kakomu ("elements of various colors surround me as i fly through the midnight sky" is what it says....... i think.....)

    Favorite colors: blue, red, black and sliver

    What she looks like: Blond hair, with blue eyes, and sharp teeth. always wears her hair down, and almost never wears dresses. she has dragon wings and a tail (that are covered in scales) that she hides by pressing them flat aginst her back, and nobody knows of these deformities.

    Personality: She is very sweet and kind, but can get a huge temper. She will only fight if needed, and loves helping out souls. She always wears her favorite colors, unless she needs to be in a school uniform or her soulreaper uniform. She loves drawing.

    Skills: varies depending on element. very good at kido, just not so good at martial arts.

    History: Mizu is part of the Ryuu clan, a clan that uses the power of dragons to fight. they allways carry a dragon around as thier partner in fighting, and these dragons are called soul dragons. they cannot be seen by humans, only by soulreapers. no hollow can sense a soul dragon's presence. also, if a member of the Ryuu clan has a strong enough bond with thier dragon, the soul dragon can melt into the person's body for a certain amount of time, and the clan member takes the shape of a dragon. the clans people have high amounts of spirital pressure, and are very powerful. they also talk about a legend in which a baby is born with the wings and tail of a dragon, and can speak to dragons in general. another part of the legend is that the baby is raised by dragons, and cooperates with humans. this legend is said to come true every million years, and mizu is that child. She saw a lonley soul once, and then dedicated her life to helping other souls. thats when she decided to become a soulreaper. she is now working as third seat in squad 10, but even though she has the strength of a captain, she decides to stay in her current position.


    all hail dragons

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Miyuki (can't remember last name)
    (47 yrs as human)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vizard,
    Position: 11th squad 4th seat -> captain of 3rd squad (after war)
    Hair color: light blonde
    Hair style: short ponytail with bangs
    Eye color: Ice blue
    Personality: She loves to fight and will hurt anyone and anything that gets in her way, she has a suprisingly short fuse for a captain and will bite your head off if you make the wrong move
    Weapons other than zanpaktou: she has thing of kunai, and ninja stars on her thigh and twin daggers in a costimized back pocket
    History:She was captain of the sixth squad before her fukutaicho Byakua took over when she lost her memories and started living in the human world, she was one of the captains sent out on a mission to investigate the mission to investigate the missing shinigami when Aizen who was a fukutaicho back then made her into a vizard she quckily honed her powers and spent sixty more years in a taichou position before she lost her memories and lived in the human world. after she died she went to soul society and lived with "granny" where she met toushiro and becmae his "little sister". she became a shinigami and forut seat in the eleventh squad, she was sent out on a mission where she regained her memories but was trapped in hueco mundo with Uluqiorra, Grimjow, Neliel, and Gin. (thats all i got so far for her)
    Zanpakto:Aisufurawa (ice flower)
    Release command: Blossom
    hail to the bleach gods! X3

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Gender: Female
    Race: mod soul
    Skills: powerful IN MAKING FRINDS
    Dislikes : PAIN
    Your secret is your prisoner, if you let it out you become his prisoner

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Decko Yanshoru
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: aarancar
    Ability Zanpakto: Nenshou Kemore (Burning shadow) Large Scythe
    Personality Very quiet has very defensive of women and will kill any one who hurts a woman.
    Skills:Can extract energy out of shadow. Release form turns him into the modern image of the Grim Reaper.
    History: As a child he was very secluded. At 16 he was consumed by a hollow and turned to one himself. Almost instantly he consumed enough energy to become an aarancar. Izen became fascinated with his power so much in fact instead of giving him a number he marked him with a question mark.

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    The names are not by any means final, they're just throw in names to give them something to call them. I might keep them though.

    Name: Kinu
    Gender: female
    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpakuto: Eien no Sanraizu (Eternal Sunrise)
    Information: She seems to be a standard shinigami, even though she is extremely weak. She barely made it into the academy, and only because she is very intelligent. She has confidence issues because of her low power levels, and as such she often gets picked on. At her graduation, she was assigned to the 'saigo no bu' (Last Squad), a throwaway team that is replaced almost weekly and is filled with the worst of the shinigami in soul society.

    What she doesn't know, however, is about her zanpakuto; While it only provides her with a small amount of power, the power it gives her is ETERNAL. In other words, she has an infinite but limited amount of power at her disposal. Once she discovers this, she doubtless will become a force to be reckoned with. Now all she has to do is survive...

    Battle Data:
    Offense= 20
    Defense= 20
    Agility= 50
    Kido= 100+
    Intelligence= 80
    Physical Strength= 20
    Total= 280

    Name: Amaya
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpakuto: Sakadatsu Supai (Tousled Spy)

    Amaya is...not a happy person. At least, not to people she doesn't know, and she doesn't know ANYONE here. Once she gets to know someone, she might actually even smile every once in a while, but not for long, and the smile might hurt to look at.

    Oddly enough, despite her apparent dislike for everyone around her, she still hates to hurt anyone, and is quite gifted at healing. Due to the requirement for someone with moderate healing skills, she was also insterted into the 'Saigo no Bu', and this doesn't make her like anyone in SS any more than she already did. What makes her unique in her power is that she can heal someone while their defenses are completely up, and even from a distance, by combining her kido with her zanpakuto. This could also allow her to fight almost any enemy as an equal by slipping around their reiatsu, but she doesn't think like that.

    Battle Data:
    Offense= 60
    Defense= 70
    Agility= 50
    Kido= 80
    Intelligence= 80
    Physical Strength= 70
    Total= 410

    Name: Nashiyo
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shinigami/Quincy
    Zanpakuto: ゴールデンクレーン (go^rudenkure^n)(Golden Crane)

    Nashiyo is bad at fighting. In fact, she's really, really bad at fighting...with a sword. After the quincy resurgance that occured after the friendship oof ichigo kurosaki and uryu ishida, new groups of quincies began to appear all across the world, and Aales was one of them, born in germany. Unfortunately, a misfired spirit arrow threw her out of her body and severed her spirit chain. Luckily, she had a significant amount of power within herself, and she was able to become a shinigami rather than hollowify, but after exhaustedly falling asleep after the battle to become a shinigami, she awoke to find herself in the Soul Society.

    Due to a strange confluence of laws, it was completely illegal to be both quincy and shinigami at the same time; As such, since she couldn't return to her family, she attemtped to give up being a quincy and simply become a shinigami, at least for long enough to get dispatched on a mission to the real world, and use the gigai that accompanied such a mission to return to her family. However, because of the difference in quincy and shinigami techniques, she has not only failed to get herself assigned into a position that might get her a gigai, she even got assigned into the 'Saigo no Bu', making her chances of returning to her family any time soon extremely low. She is not happy about this.

    Because of the difference in training methods between quincy and shinigami(Quincies reach beyond themselves, while shinigami look inside themselves), she has not even discovered the name of her zanpakuto yet. Perhaps she would try harder if she knew that it came in the form of a shining golden bow. Until then, she's fairly useless, but she's very fast.

    Battle Data:
    Offense= 20
    Defense= 30
    Agility= 90
    Kido= 40
    Intelligence= 90
    Physical Strength= 40
    Total= 310

    Name: Shade
    Gender: Male
    Race: Arrancar
    Zanpakuto: Hakai Sen

    Shade was a vasto lorde, until he decided that he didn't want to be a part of the death and destruction that always followed him in hueco mundo. Tired of it all, and wishing for nothing more than to escape his current fate, he angrily tore off his mask...while leaning against the walls of las noches, and while aizen was preforming an arrancarization just a few hundred meters away. The hogyoku sensed his desire, and responded by making him into a perfect arrancar, leaving him with no fragments of his mask left over at all. Following this, he decided to take advantage of his new sword and appearance, and opened a garganta to the soul society, and joined as a new recruit shinigami.

    In order to preserve his anonymity and to protect himself, he never uses any of his hollow powers, relying only on his shinigami half, and even then using only a tiny bit of his powers, attempting to make himself look almost as good as everyone around him. Unfortunately, he succeeded, and as one of the worst shinigami, he was assigned to the 'Saigo no Bu'. He doesn't like to reveal his powers, and he keeps his zanpakuto constantly sealed in a level of sealing that not even the espada bothered to use; The sealing of unnamed zanpakuto in the soul society. When released, it takes the form of large number of incredibly thin wires that he can manipulate with little effort, and use to cut his enemies into teensy weensy pieces. Since he acts weak, though, he has never done this in front of anyone in the soul society.

    Battle Data:
    Offense= 100
    Defense= 100
    Agility= 100
    Kido= 30
    Intelligence= 80
    Physical Strength= 100
    Total= 510

    Name: Kane Tsuneo
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpakuto: Sansantaru Kuragari

    Perhaps the most normal of them all, Kane is unique in his opinions; While he is strong enough to become a seated officer with little difficulty, in his prior life he came to the realization that no matter what he does to impress the people around him, he will still always be alone. Because of this, he instead tries to help the people around him to succeed, making them seem much more powerful compared to him. Nonetheless, he would have been assigned to a squad, were it not for the fact that the tester at the end of his time at the shinigami academy demanded to see his zanpakuto's release form; Apon seeing it, he simply laughed and ordered him to report to the 'Saigo no Bu', as its new commanding officer.

    Since Kane was against killing comrades, the tester is still alive.

    Kane's zanpakuto, sansantaru kuragari, is interesting in it being one of the only light based zanpakuto to exist. Apon its release, the entire blade lengthens and sharpens to a length of around 5 feet long, with no hand guard, the blade itself serving this function. However, alex usually phases the blade into light the instant it is released, and creates an aura that surrounds the neighboring several hundred feet with a crystalline glow; Those battling in this glow will feel its effects. The glow is actually a battle aura, adding a static amount of strength to your blows, and weakening the blows of an enemy; It can even make you faster by running light under your feet while you move. A beginner shinigami could easily be made 3-4x more powerful using this technique. As a light based zanpakuto, it also has a number of other powers, but they will be discovered and revealed by alex in due course.

    Battle Data:
    Offense= 90
    Defense= 80
    Agility= 100
    Kido= 60
    Intelligence= 60
    Physical Strength= 80
    Total= 410

    Together, they will form the most powerful team in the soul society; They are...
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