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Thread: Make your own Bleach Character

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name : Kazumayanai

    Age : n/a

    Gender : Male

    Race : Shinigami

    Zanpakutō : ~ Broken ~
    use to be Blue CrystaL Blade

    Bankai : Cant Use Bankai

    Personality : i dont like talk too much, just Smilling

    Characteristics : curly hair shape, wearing a black blindfold

    Skills : every time i open my eye, the world Stop.
    i can only feel the wind touching my skin

    History :

    actually I was the student of Genryusai-dono with Ukitake Jushiro
    and Kyoraku Shunsui,
    but i never get graduate.
    because i learning the forbidden technique.

    "im sorry Unohana Retsu, i still love you until now, please smille for me"

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Kazuyuki Yoshino




    Call:Show your power Tutsmakeya

    Personality:Your Shy.Don't Really Enjoy The Company of Others,With the Exception Of Tatsuki,Orihime,And Chad Who Are Very Close To You.You Love To Read.

    Dark Brown hiar with ligt brown highlights wears A school uniform at high school but when your not at school you wear dark blue jeans and a black shirt baicly you wear dark colored cloths


    Zanpakuto:does not Have one he is a bount

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    Make your own Bleach Character

    Name:Set Purinsu
    Characteristics:very skiny not much muscle very pale Bound in chains most of the time hole is located on his back (something went wrong)
    Ability/zanpakutō:Kaosuburēdo(blades of Chaos) Bends light and darkness into weapons
    Realse: looks like half angle half demon in this form he only uses 2/3 of his full strength
    Personality:Quite when battle is not taking place. violent in battle
    Skills:incredibly agile
    History: Set was an x-soul reaper who lost his powers and in the process of getting them back he failed and became a hollow and if you know how the rest of the process works you know what happens next

    If it rusts, it can be trusted
    If its owner fails to control it, it will cut him
    Yes, pride is
    Like a blade
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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Hi I'm new but have a great idea. Please tel me if it's to over the top

    Name: Kiken (means: danger, paril, or haserd)
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Race: shinagami
    Hair: ash blond, short exept for a rat tail that reches his sholders, in bankai it reaches the floor.
    Eyes: dark blue.
    Ability/zanpakutō: Kamura (japanese: karma)
    Skills: shikai, bankai, amazing with kido
    Release comand: Bestow Judgement: KAMURA.
    Shikai: sword is 45" long, regular black and white blade, it has 3 main abilities.
    1, Ya Shashu (means arow shooter) creates 1-5 arows made of kido that can be shot at fast speads but goes in one direction.
    2, Doragon Dancu Sukeeru (means dragon scail dance), blade seperates into 20 different rectangles controled by the hilt of the sword.
    3, Zanpakuto Yumiya (means Zanpakuto bow and arrow), blade comes off hit and gard and turns into a bow with the hilt as the part you grab on to, and the gard is the arrow rest. the arrow is made of spirit particals.
    Bankai: Sun Scorcher Kamura, makes a armor, made up of 1 orange chest plate (like anbu black ops in naruto), 2 gray elbo dagers (look like spikes coming out of back of the elbo's), 2 gray knee dagers (same thing as elbo dagers but out of knee caps), 1 orange samuri helmet with a red sun on the forhead, and red dragonfly wings. sword is a strait katana, and bout 50" long. Can use the same abilities as shikai form but can add 2 abilities with them.
    1,the burn ability which makes the blades or arows realy dull but if cept on long enough it become so hot it can burn thrugh most things (it can only be at hottest temprature for 10 seconds).
    2, the blaze ability. makes arrows or blades cotted in fire.
    Both abilities can be used in regular sword form.
    Personality: mellow like Bakuya, but exited and energetic in battle.
    Rank: 11th squad captin.
    History: Kiken was a quincy when he was a human but became a shinagami when he died, which is why his powers resemble that of a quincy and has great kido skills. he raised his rank to be the vicecaptin of the first squad and became best friends with ichigo's dad and they retired together. He even named ichigo, but one day Kiken was with ichigo and his mother on their way back from ichigo's karate class when Kiken's hollow partuly awakened and he lost controle and killed ichigo's mom.ichigo was saved by his dad and kiken ran away after erasing ichigo and his sister's memories of him so only ichigo's dad new him (the only reason why he didn't earase ichigo's dads memory is because kiken wasn't strong enough at the time) and blamed the grand fisher hollow. he then had the visored seal away his hollow so he couldn't use it or loose controle again. He then rejoined the sole sosiety and became the 11th squad captin after kempachi. he akationaly watches over ichigo and hellps him when in truble.

    And just a thought have any of you made more than 1 bleach character.
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    Cool Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    [QUOTE=Dragon Born;590484]Ok ok I know that this is not normal for this forum but I would like to see what lovers of Bleach would make for their own characters.

    Name:Utoketsu Sarinbe
    Age: 57
    Race: Somewhat Human
    Ability:Sora no 3 kami o shokan (Summoning 3 Gods of the Sky)
    Personality: Hyper,Energetic
    Skills: Summonings
    History:He was born in a village called Okensan.Okensan was a very poor town surrounded my trees and wildlife. On Utoketsu's 20th birthday, A big group of thieves,crooks and Special Forces invaded the city. They took him prisoner along with 50 others including his dad, Saronne.The forces took him into the testing laboratory and fiddled with him a bit and made a mistake that they didn't notice till he was released at the age of 55. He had super speed and ran miles and miles and miles. He ended up in a fancy city.

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Hirikou yuushi
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hollow(use to be a shinigami)
    Ability/zanpakutō: Speed,Agility,strenght,ultimate focus,Double reiastu,and Darkness Ablility..
    Personality: Protective ..
    Skills: He uses any shadow when in shikai to make a powerful darkness attack..
    History: UNKNOWN

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name:Wolf(katochi tekuto)
    Zanpakutō: Zikatochi-(Wolves bane)a nodaici style katana with a hilt that cover the weilders hand
    Personality:silent,fatherly yet loner
    Skills:Martial arts training, sword/ weapon trining, ancient history,math, science, stratagy, tatics
    Shikai-(Bite for justice,Zikatochi)-blade transorms to ten seprate claws and divides between each hand, hilt becomes part of the weilder for better control over the blades
    Bankai-hilt now covers the body making the weilder look more wolf like and protects from harm while blades become shaper and more claw like
    History:katochi tekuto was a normal 17 year old boy who had health proplems while in the hospital for his heart he had a major heart attack and slipped into a coma while in this coma his soul was freed from his body, he wandered the hospital and the out side world where he met a hollow after being saved from it by another shinigami he travled with the soul reaper to the soul society where for ten years he trained and finally became a soul reaper his power in combat only second to kenpachi zaraki. His body still remains in a coma and no other knows about it except for him.

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    Re: Make your own Bleach Character

    Name: Akihiko Shibata
    Age: 17
    Eyes: dark red
    Hair: black/ Messy slick back
    Race: human
    Personality: insightful/cocky/ serious when need be

    Skills:hellfire dragon four orb gauntlet.
    (Gōka doragon chōsen.)

    Left orb release: inferno crimson sword.
    (Hidari no ōburirīsu: Inferuno shinku no ken)

    Right orb release: Wing of flame.
    (Migi ōburirīsu:-En no tsubasa)

    Center orb release: Hellfire Cloak of the dragon king.
    (Sentāōburirīsu: Herufaiakurōku Ryūō no)

    Black orb release: Armor of the Hellfire Dragon King
    (Kuro ōbu hōshutsu suru Āmāherudoragonkingu no)

    The ability of Akihiko's Gōka doragon chōsen allows for him to generate flames as hot as 2000c or as warm as 10dg. Not very powerful at times, it's manly used a close hand-to-hand combat. He can only generate and control the flames depending or how much Reiatsu he has. His most powerful attack is the HIKEN or ''blazing fist'' (Other attacks are Fireball, Heat Wave Kick, Blade of Fire, Flamethrower, Waves of fire, Flare, Nova explosion, Fire Disk, Dragon wildfire, Dragon Rush, Fists of Fire. Legs of fire, Flame shield, Fireball, Fire Shots, Hiken)

    His orbs(when released) can manafest themself in to wepons of different skills and powers inferred from his flames, however he can only release one orb at a time.
    Hidari no ōburirīsu: Inferuno shinku no ken (when released) transform into a huge dragon-like sword that allows for devistaing attacks (most powerfully attack is when target is hit with its ''wildfire slash'', the target's Reiatsu is absorbed. Can only be used three times)

    The Migi ōburirīsu:-En no tsubasa creates a sheild of fire that povides absolute defence, however attack becomes almost impossible and takes a large amount of Reiatsu to sustain (can only attack using some fire attacks)

    Sentāōburirīsu: Herufaiakurōku Ryūō nois on of his most powerful releases, It allows Akihiko to generate powerful flames from his cloak made form black, orange, and red flames.His most powerful attack lets him summon his inner dragon (Matsuhito) in to the real world to fight along side him.(can only hold this form for six mins).

    Kuro ōbu hōshutsu suru Āmāherudoragonkingu no is the equivalent of Bankai.
    It is the fusion of Akihiko and Matsuhito. Akihiko is covered in black and red dragon like armor and gains devistating power as well as reflex. His speed increases only for a liitle but enough to hand out death-dealing blows
    (can only hold this form for two mins).

    History: Not a very opened person. Akihiko was of african american/japanese descent. Quickly dismissed by his fellow classmates(Ichigo Kurosaki school, class next to his), he subsided in living his life quietly. However due to being around people with Reiatsu (Ichigo, chad uryuu, etc) caused his own Reiatsu to increase and thus became a target of a hollow. This allowed him the ability of his Gōka doragon chōsen and bacame able to talk to his inner spirit, a dragon named Matsuhito. Unawere what significants his powers had, he resided in using them when he needed to.

    Power rankas strong as Chad but weaker than Ichigo)

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