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Thread: make your own zanpakto

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    Re: make your own zanpakto

    Name:Kazezan (windcutter)
    Power: can cut through the wind at high speeds and make the user unable to be hurt by a blade
    Personality: cold hearted and cunning
    Release Command: Cut throught the wind
    Shika: a katana that controls the wind
    Bankai: the wind itself
    Spirit a cold hearted man with white and blue hair and eletric blue eyes

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    Re: make your own zanpakto

    Name: Nagger
    Power: Waves burst out of the mouth when one scream's, which create's a sonic disruption capable of deafening anyone (my girl friend has a similar power :P).
    Personality: Annoying, loud, Cruel.
    Release Command: Get out!
    Spirit: A slender, blue eyed, blonde haired troll!

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    Re: make your own zanpakto

    NAME: yoyu goguira(molten gargoyle)
    element: darkness/fire
    release phrase: erupt yoyu goguira
    abilities: The sword transforms into a scythe which burns on contact. It gets hotter with every strike.
    release phrase: Hikō gāgoiru o toru(take flight gargoyle)
    abilities: In this stage the user gains some of the zanpakto's physical features like a tail, wings, horns, and stone-hard skin. The user can fire ceros and pillars of magma in this stage and also turn people into stone simply by scratching them.
    Ultimate Attack: The user thrusts his hand into the ground turning it into magma then a giant hand comes out of the magma and grabs the target with sheer force and crushes him/her with intense strength and heat. This attack is called yoyu handan(molten judgement)
    Personality: calm and collected but vicious and cruel in battle.
    Owner: Soul Reaper Amai Yume(meaning sweet dreams lol.)

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