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Thread: Missed Any Eposides

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    Missed Any Eposides

    Hello everyone.In this thread you will be able to catch up on the "bleach" anime series.If you just tell what episode you missed anyone who has seen that episode will be able to fill you in and tell you what happened in that episode.But there are some rules.

    1.)Use the spoiler tag.
    2.)Don't ask about episodes that have already been asked about.
    3.)Be patient.Wait for someone to answer you.

    As long as these rules are followed then this should run somthly.
    Thank you for your complience.

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    Re: Missed Any Eposides

    thank you
    I missd eposide 103
    can you hlep me
    see ya

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    Re: Missed Any Eposides

    hhmmmmmm i missed episodes close to the part itchigo trains for his level 2 zombakto ecnique which is i dont know which episode
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