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Thread: New!!Create your Bleach character

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    Re: New!!Create your Bleach character

    Name: Yumie Haiku

    Race: Vizard

    Age: 21

    Aura: Black with dark blue a round

    Zanpakuto: Sushniu ( the master of light and darkness )

    Power: When mad Sushniu turns grayish black, when happy Sushniu turns light grayish white

    Call: Rise from the darkness and fall from the havens. Sushniu ( shush a new )

    Bankia name: 1st form: The angel of light ( Sushniu turns white and gets 4 inches longer and has light blue wings on handle )
    2nd form: The demon from hell ( Sushniu turns black and has red demon wings on handle )
    3rd form: The master angel from haven and hell ( Sushniu turns black with red angel wings on handle )
    4th form: The forever choice ( Sushniu vanishes and the master turns into Sushniu forever )

    Attacks and special attacks: light wave ( can use in any form, it is very weak in 2nd form )
    vantio ( can use in any form ) geto the light( 1st form,3rd form, and 4th form )
    Yantio the dark ( 2nd form,4th form ) Powerful est attack: Jen strike ( 4th form only )

    Zanpakuto info: Sushniu was ounce to people, sanu ( san you ), and niato ( ni at O ). They were close brothers but
    one was in hell, and one was in haven. They wanted to be one person, so they fused, and that was a mistake.
    one wanted this, but the other wanted that, they would cover up anyone who came in their way to destroy the haven and hell
    with light and darkness. Sushniu was very shy and nervous, but could become very angry.

    Char info: She is a very shy person who is very sad most of the time, and she barley smiles.
    She has black hair with baby blue eyes, and has a star mark on her left hand.
    She wears a white dress with black high heals and a black glove on her left hand to cover up her mark.
    1st form: Grows light blue angel wings, eyes turn white with baby blue a round it.
    Her glove rips off and star on her hand has a cross on it.
    Has half a hollow mask that is white with blue lines down it.
    2nd form: Angel wings vanish and red demon wings grow.
    eyes turn black with red a round it, cross on star vanishes and "x" appears on star that is a mark on her hand.
    hollow mask is full on her face, on her right side it is black, on her left side it is black.
    3rd form: half of 2nd form on left side, half of right form on right side.
    "x" on star vanishes and is just a star on hand again.
    4th form: colors on sides switch, and star on hand has a cross and a "x" on it.

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