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    Official Excel Saga Anime

    Excel Saga aka Quack Expiermental Anime Excel Saga, is a rivetting and extremely hillarious comedy anime, based around spoofing every ridiculous and not so ridiculous part of anime and the world in general. Each episode from 2-24 spoofs a genre and style of anime.


    Based off the manga by Koushi Rikudou
    • Director: Shinichi Watanabe.
    • Americian Publisher: ADV
    • Japanese Publisher: Victor Entertainment
    • Episode Run: 26
    • Genre: Comedy
    Major Characters:

    Ocupation: Main Character, Age, Wieght and Blood Type all Unknown. Excel is the main character of Excel Saga and the senior agent in ACROSS.

    Hyatt is Excel's co-worker and the other agent of ACROSS. She has a habit of dying and coughing up blood.

    Lord Ilpalazzo is the leader of ACROSS and directs it towards its eventual goal of conquering the city.

    Excel's emergency food supply.

    The director of the anime, he appears in every episode somewhere.

    The wandering ghost, is Excel's friend and one of the most unfortunate people alive (or dead.)

    Head of the Department of City Security

    Tooru Watanable
    Just your run of the mill Watanabe. Is in love with Hyatt and works for the Department of City Security.

    Ropponmatsu, Units 1 and 2
    Robots that work for the Department of City Security

    Norikuni Iwata
    Watanable's annoying friend, roommate, and co-worker.

    Daimaru Sumiyoshi
    Watanabe's other roomie and co-worker he 'speaks' in floating kansai text.

    Misaki Matsuya
    The beautiful and intelligent female member of the Department of City Security. She puts up with a lot from the male members.

    Episode List:
    • Episode 1 "The Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plot" -Excel attempts to kill the creator of the 'garbage' comic books Excel Saga
    • Episode 2 "The Woman from Mars" - Hyatt's introduction and also the introduction of the Puchuu's.
    • Episode 3 "The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell" A B-movie grade episode in which Excel is the prisoner of a guirella war army.
    • Episode 4 "Love Puni" Hyatt and Watanabe explore love as Ilpalazzo plays a dating game.
    • Episode 5 "The Interesting Giant Tower" The media might be onto ACROSS so Excel and Hyatt infiltrate City Center.
    • Episode 6 "The Cold is Winter! Snowed under Episode" Excel and Hyatt go to gather resources for ACROSS in the mountains, however no one has ever heard of anything of value in the area.
    • Episode 7 "Melody of the Underground Passage" There's something in the sewers under F City and both the Department of City Security and ACROSS go to find out what.
    • Episode 8 "Increase Ratings Week" Fanservice, the no men episode.
    • Episode 9 "Bowling Girls" Excel and Hyatt learn about bowling.
    • Episode 10 "Elegy to the Dogs (Menchi's Great Adventure)" Menchi goes in search of her kind old owner.
    • Episode 11 "Butt Out, Youth!" Excel and Hyatt try to teach and coach baseball.
    • Episode 12 "Big City Part II" The Department of City Security go to learn from a police officer.
    • Episode 13 "The New Year's-End Party Hidden Talent Contest" The First recap episode.
    • Episode 14 "Prop" To Increase ratings Victor Entertainment introduce Roponmotsu!
    • Episode 15 "More! Prop Memorial" Meet Roponmotsu 2
    • Episode 16 "Take Back Love!" The two Roponmotsu fall in love with Excel and Hyatt.
    • Episode 17 "Animation USA" Excel and Hyatt go to America.
    • Episode 18 "Municipal Force Daitenzin" The Department of City Security are given Daiten suits.
    • Episode 19 "Menchi's Great Adventure 2: Around the World in 80 Hours" Menchi finds a wealthy young lady and two travel the world.
    • Episode 20 "The Best of Mr. Pedro" The Pedro recap episode, with new Pedro clips.
    • Episode 21 "Visually Appealing Type" Key comes from ACROSS HQ with a message for Ilpalazzo.
    • Episode 22 "Invasion, Mother" The Puchuu's are back and they've kidnapped Hyatt!
    • Episode 23 "Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror" The City has been destroyed and ACROSS now rules, Excel is a lone warrior searching for Ilpalazzo and righting wrongs.
    • Episode 24 "For You, I Could Die" Excel tries to piece together her forgotten memories and the Department of City Security goes to fight Ilpalazzo.
    • Episode 25 "We Will Not Be Held Responsible" The Final Showdown!
    • Episode 26 "Going to Far" The only episode of Excel Saga banned from Japanese TV!
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    Official Series Information

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    'Excel Saga' is currently licensed for US/Canada/Region1 distribution by ADV Films

    ADV Excel Saga Catalog webpage

    Episode 26 wasn't exactly banned from TV... It was originally published as a OVA episode (but was eventually shown on Premium Cable and late night broadcast TV)

    'Excel Saga' also has a spinoff, the two episode 'Puni Puni Poemi' OVA series
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