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Thread: Transformers Animated

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    Transformers Animated

    Transformers Animated is the newest Transformers project to appear. It will be showed on Cartoon Network in early 2008. Its actually going to be an American made Cartoon animated by a Japanese studio.
    The Autobots this time can only turn into ground vehicles and not anything flying nor military like tanks.

    Optimus Prime: New leader of the Autobots on Earth, transforms into a futuristic fire truck, and wields an axe.
    Bumblebee: The youngest member of the group. Has a retractable battle mask. Transforms into a vehicle similar to his Transformers Classics version.
    Ratchet: Seasoned Autobot medic and veteran of the war against the Decepticons. Transforms into an ambulance.
    Bulkhead: Tough Autobot, similar to the Fantastic Four's Thing. Transforms into a Military Truck.
    Prowl: His alt-mode is now a motorcycle and he functions as a ninja for the group.
    Jazz: Second in command of the Autobots with an automobile alt-mode.
    Grimlock: Leader and member of the Dinobots subgroup. Transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the same colors as his G1 version; wields a sword.
    Slag: Member of the Dinobots. Transforms into a Triceratops.
    Swoop: Member of the Dinobots. Transforms into a Pteranodon.
    Sentinel Prime
    Ultra Magnus
    Blurr: May be similar to his G1 incarnation. Talks a lot. Will be voiced by John Moschitta
    Arcee: Robot mode is similar to the G1 version.
    Wreck-Gar: Weird Al Yankovic will be voicing a dump truck transformer in the series, most are assuming he will be Wreck-Gar.
    Megatron: The leader of the Decepticons; alternate mode is a jet aircraft.
    Starscream: Much in the spirit of G1 Starscream, wants to usurp Megatron. Transforms into a jet.
    Blitzwing: A Triple Changer (tank, jet, robot) with a new spin — a split personality. Spinning face gimmick on the toy.
    Lugnut: Lugnut has missiles for hands and alt-mode of a jet — he is the "Incredible Hulk" to Bulkhead's "The Thing".
    Blackarachnia: Different origin than in Beast Wars. Starts out as a different character entirely, one of the more complicated Decepticons. Transforms into a black-purple spider.
    Soundwave: His alt-mode is now based on a Scion xB and his minion Laserbeak now transforms into a guitar. Similar color as his G1 version.
    Lockdown: A combination of a 1980s style black Corvette and 1960s Cougar hybrid design with a Supercharger. He is calculating and has been described as being like Boba Fett; has a hook for a right hand.
    Isaac Sumdac: Father of Sari, he is a scientist who designs and tests robots at Sumdac Tower.
    Sari Sumdac: Daughter of Isaac Sumdac; befriends the Autobots.
    Nanosec: A human who allies himself with the Decepticons, he uses inline skates and a whip as weapons.
    Captain Fanzone: Head of the police department in Detroit.
    The Angry Archer : A Robin Hood/Green Arrow-themed human villain who uses a bow and arrows to fight against the Autobots. The Angry Archer's appearance is a caricature based on Hasbro's Aaron Archer

    Detroit: The Autobots and Decepticons crash land in this future city on Earth. Instead of the Motor City, it has now become known as the "Robot City".
    Sumdac Tower: The largest tower in Detroit, this is where Isaac Sumdac designs and tests his robot creations.
    The Ark: The Autobot ship. The Decepticons cripple the ship and it crash lands on Earth.
    The Nemesis: Decepticon ship that dwarfs the Ark by comparison; it chases the Ark to Earth, where it also crash lands.

    From what I'm understaning, this series looks like crap. The animation style is done by the same team from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!, thats not a good thing for all of you wondering. One thing that might be redemming about this series is the fact that it brings back a lot of the G1 transformers who haven't been seen for a long time. The other is the fact that Blurr and Arcee will have thier same voice actors from the G1 series. All in all I'll probably watch it, but it won't live up to the original(I guess I shouldn't expect it to).

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    Re: Transformers Animated

    sounds pretty interesting, actually. how the autobots can olny be ground vehicles is kinda cool, too.

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    Re: Transformers Animated

    starscream is in it and he is the coolist transformer and it sounds alright so i think i might check it out but i dont think the animation sounds that good kind of dumb personaly.

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    Re: Transformers Animated

    It sounds like it might be bad but who know if i get the chance to ill watch it. I'm glad they have soundwave in it. Idk if he's my favorite but i like him. Hopefully its good no matter how impossible that sounds.

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