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Thread: Transformer's General Info.

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    Transformer's General Info.

    Hey all it's time for your Transformers history lesson.

    Transformer's is a very intiresting series as it's one of the few series that bounces back and forth between the US and Japan. The series and eras are as follows.

    Generation 1 (and 2) is the series that most late 20s/early 30s remember. It was the first show made.

    Fight Super Robots Life: (US) The origonal two seasons of the cartoon, made in the US by Hasbro to sell a bunch of transforming robot toys. It starred Optimus Prime and the Autobots fighting Megatron and the evil Decepticons. Megatron turned into a gun. Was aired from 1984-1985.

    Transformers: The Movie (US) The movie showed the death of Optimus Prime (don't worry he got better.) and the re-formatting of Megatron into Galvatron. Rodimus Prime, origonally Hot Rod managed to defeat Galvatron and the giant Planet Eater Unicron. (1986)

    Transformers: 2010 (US) The Third Season of the US production run, the series began in 2006 in the US and 2010 in Japan and showed Rodimus Prime and his Autobots fighting Galvatron and his Decepticons. (1986)

    Transformers: Rebirth (US) This 5 episode show was the Fourth and final season of the origonal series in the US. It showed the begining of the Targetmaster and Headmasters and the rebirth of Cyberton. (1987)

    Transformers: Headmaster(Japan) This took the place of Rebirth in the US and showed the rise of the Head and target masters. Galvatron fought Optimus in this series. (1987)

    Super God Masterforce (Japan) I honestly don't know much about this series but it had the Junior Headmasters and Powermasters in it. I believe Gingari was the Autobot leader markin the first non-Prme (convoy in Japan) to lead the Autobots. (1988)

    Transformers Victory: (Japan) In this series Deathsaurus forught Star Saber and Gingari becomes Victory Leo, marking the first leader combinings a trend to continue in laer series. (1989)

    Transformers Zone (Japan) The Last G1 show, it only had 1 episode "The New Leader Dia Atlas" (1990_

    Beast Era- This is the second 'Era' of the Transformers it encompasses Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Beast Wars II, and Beast Wars Neo. The Beast Era in the Transformers timeline takes place roughly 3 centuries after the end of G1. Various elements of the US Cartoon and the Marvel Comic were merged and shown during the course of the shows.

    Beast Wars(Canada/US)- This chronicles the fight of Optimus Primal and Megatron on prehistoric Earth. Season 2 and 3 of the cartoon are called Beast Wars Metals in Japan.(1996-99)

    Beast Wars 2(Japan)- This chronicles the fight between Leo Convoy's Cybertronians against Galvatron's Destrons. Unfortunatly beyond a few of the characer names I don't know to much about this series.It is worth noting that Optimus Primal made in appearance in this series and that the Destrons began as vehicles and took beast modes later when they were mutated.(1998)

    Beast Wars Neo (Japan)- This series shows Big Convoy and his Maximals (Cybertronians) fighting Magmatron and his Predacons on Earth over Energon.(Destrons)(1999)

    Beast Machines(Canada/US) - Beast Machines returns us to Optimus Primal and Megatron, however they are back on Cybertron and Megatron has control of a new army the Vehicons. Optimus and Co battle to free the planet from Megatron's grasp. (2000-01)

    No Era-Robots In Disquise/Car Robots (Japan)- Car Robots was something of a shot at going half and half between Beast Wars and the origonal having the villians (led by Megatron) be both Predacons and Decepticons and the heroes being Autobots, though this time Optimus Prime had a new form a Fire Truck. Once again in this series Optimus could combine, this time with his 'brother' Ultra Magnus. Car Robots is the first series that takes place in a universe where no variation of G1 happened, it being it's own alternite take on Transformers.(2001)

    The Unicron Trilogy- Is the name given to the three most recent Transformer series in the States. Unilke the Beast Era this joins Car Robots/RiD as being it's own stand-alone universe having no connection to the origonal besides some shared names.

    Transformers: Armada(Japan with US Design work) tells of Optimus Prime and the Autobots arriving on Earth in search of the Mini-cons. Unfortunatly Megatron and his Decepticons arrive as well and a war soon errupts over control of the Mini-cons which act as power amplifiers for the larger Transformers. A war ended by the arrival of Unicron. (2002-03)

    Transformers: Superlink/Energon (Japan/US) Told of the Return of Unicron and Megatron as Scorpinok and his Terrocons fought to revive the planet eater.(2004)

    Transformers: Cybertron/Galaxy Force (US/Japan) Transformers: Cybertron and Galaxy Force ended up being a radically diffirent cartoon despite using the same animation. THe US had wanted it to be a continuation of Energon but unfortunatly the animation company decided to go a diffirent route creating a whole new universe. This and a few other changes make Cybertron and Galaxy Force very diffirent and causes some major continuity problems in the Unicron Trilogy in the US.

    Anyway the basics are the same, Unicron's destruction caused a rift in space/time and is threatening to destroy Cybertron thus the Autobots are on the search for the Planet Keys, a special power divided up long ago and placed on various planets. These keys hold great power and thus the Decepticons also rushed to find them. Optimus and Megatron were the repsective leaders once again..(2005-06)

    Comic Book mini-bios will be added later.

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    Re: Transformer's General Info.

    Thanks for the info! There's a couple things on that list that I had no clue about. I think for people who want to learn more about the Transformers, this is a great breakdown of the series. Thanks!

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    Re: Transformer's General Info.

    Thank you, now for the comics. Unfortunatly the comics are a bit sketchier detail wise especially the manga.

    Additionally this is all from my extensive internal data banks. I'll check it through on Wiki and a few other sites later. (If folks want I can post additional info links if a mod is alright with it.)


    Comic Books

    G1-the same relative idea as the G1 show Autobots Versus Decepticons. There have however been as of now three distinct Transformer G1 comic-verses. Each of these have a seperate and indivual continuity distinct from the TV shows in every way (not counting the Japanses manga that I'll make mention to.) They are:

    The Marvel Transformer comics-This is the biggy running from 1984 to about 1990 in both the US and UK. (the UK actually had a ton of additonal stories as it was bi-weekly there.) This series was a lot of fun, using much more toy accurate characters then the cartoon and a lot more thougt and detail went into the stories. Trade Paperbacks are being releasesed and IDW is currently re-printing old Marvel stories. To give you an idea of just how much went on in this and why I'm not saying to much I shall list the Autobot and Decepticon leaders only during this run. Autobots had Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Grimlock, Prowl, and Blaster leading at various times. The Decepticons had Megatron, Galvatron, Galvatron and Megatron together (and yes they were still the same guy.), Ratbat, Shockwave, Starscream, Starscream and Soundwave together, Bludgeon, Thunderwing, and Scorpinock, this is only the major leaders even as several others led for brief stints. Yeah it was crazy.

    Next up is DREAMWAVE, that revamped Transformers in 2004, and ran till 2005 when the company declared bankruptcy, they nonetheless created a intriguing G1 verse including a series called "The War Within" Which was about the Transformers a million years or so before they hit Earth (keep in mind the TFs live for well over 10 million years.). This series didn't do to much and had just unvieled Unicron coming towards Cybertron and a big plot involving Shockwave cloning Starscream before it went under.

    That leads us to IDW, who has managed to put out 12 issues since they took the liscense made into two mini-series Infiltration and Stormbringer. They have also released as of October two one-shots Shockwave and Nightbeat. With another 6 issue mini and a ton more of one-shots on the way. They once again took a whole new look on the Transformers revamping EVERYTHING from how they got to Earth on up, they are an awesome read written by one of comic's greats Simon Furman.

    Beyond these Japan has several manga based on the Victory and Zone series however as I have never read or seen more than a few untranslated scans from them i can't tell you a thing about them.

    Beast Era comics:

    Beast Wars for being as popular as it is has had suprisingly little made in print. The four print media are:

    Omega Point/The Wrekers/Primeveal Dawn Botcon comics: This was a comic series that was packaged with the toys for the Botcon comics from about 96 to 01 or so. Only one came out a year and they are very rare. They tell the story of what happened to all the stasis pods that were left behind iN Beast Wars as well as what happened to a few various characters who disapeared.

    Transformers: Universe this was the official Fanclub comic for 02-04 (I do believe) it came out bi-monthly and told the story of what happened after Beast Machines, and heralded the return of Unicron.

    Dreamwave Beast Wars: This was a single story in their Summer Special that showed a dream Rat Trap had.

    IDW Beast Wars: The Gathering: This is a fun little story about another facet of the Beast Wars happening right under the noses of the show characters. Although contrived at times a pretty fun little read. More comics continuing this story have been said to be in the works at IDW.

    There are also manga about BWII/BW Neo, though once again I don't know much about them, they are I believe canon for the Beast Wars animes though.

    RiD Universe comics:

    Another universe visited in Dreamwave's Summers Special it told the first meeting of Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime on Earth.


    I've combined these two because the comics they had were conjoined somewhat since the series were combined.

    Toy Comics: These fantasticly awful pieces told a dumbed WAY down story about some of the toys released in the toy wave they were packaged with.

    Dreamwave Comics(Armade 1-20 then Energon 1-10) These ran for about as long as Dreamwave's Gen 1 series and told the Armada and Energon stories as invisioned by Simon Furman. Very, Very diffirirent from the TV show but a great read.

    The last comic I know of is another manga named Transformers: KISS, a huge point of conflict in the Transfandom as it is a manga about girls who kiss Transformers to give them powers and the Decepticon's with phalic tongues who wish to eat said girls. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh it's also a radio show, and a toy line that comes with girl PVC figures as well as TFs. I'll cover that another time.

    CHARACTERS: Here's a run down of various major characters from various series.


    Optimus Prime- The heroic leader of the Autobots until the year 2005 when he fell at the hands of Megatron. He started life as Orion Pax (or Optromix depending on continuity) and was rebuilt after an attack by Megatron during which time he was given the Matrix of Leadership.

    Megatron The leadr of the evil Decepticons, Megatron is a cruel and ruthless tyrant. Who feels that he is perfection incarnate. Was gravely wounded by Optimus Prime and later reformated into Galvatron. Once killed himself in the Marvel comics.

    Rodimus Prime Rodimus Prime eventually took over leadership of the Autobots from Optimus Prime. While fighting Galvatron inside of Unicron the power of the Matrix transformed him into Rodimus Prime allowing him to defeat Galvatron and use the power of the Matrix to destroy Unicron. Commanded the Autobots until the Ressurection of Optimus Prime.

    Galvatron: Megatron was transformed by Unicron into Galvatron, more powerful than ever he led the Decepticons against the Autobots driving them nearly to extinction before his defeat at the hands of Rodimus Prime. Upon his return he was a changed mech, completly insane and irrational at times and only occastionaly showing a hint of the tactical genius he once was.

    More mini-profiles to come.


    You can find more information about almost all things Transformer at seibertron.com, tfw2005.com, or at Teletran-1, the TF Wiki
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