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Thread: On your side?

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    On your side?

    Taking into consideration the capabilities, experience and personality of each transformer, if you were a leader who would you pick as your second in command. You must explain why. I would choose Kup due to his wealth of experience, loyalty and his logic.

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    Re: On your side?

    From an Autobot point of view I wouldn't take Kup, mainly because he reminisces alot. I'd likely take either Wheeljack or Jazz. Wheeljack as he's a scientist. Helped with the creation of the Dinobots, made certain that they didn't go out of control and had some pretty nifty plans going on. Plus its just great when one of his creations goes wrong .
    Jazz, well how can I put this. He's the defination of cool. I mean, what other Autobot, or Transformer for that matter, has so much style and yet still gets the job done. You want something done, I think Jazz would be your 'bot.
    But thats just my opinion.
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    Re: On your side?

    I would choose Red Alert as my second-in-command. The main reason is because he's responsible, smart, a born strategist, and knows right from wrong. Now, I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea that I hate the rest of the Autobots, I just prefer Red Alert, and these are my reasons.

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