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Thread: Naruto chapter 450 discussion.

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    Re: Naruto chapter 450 discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Really? Ugh, he really screwed up on that arc.

    As for the current story, it doesn't seem very interesting to me. Madara never made much of an impact on me (probably because the first Hokage is so much higher on the awesome scale).
    Wasn't kabuto being half-controlled by Orochimaru? I don't think he wants to be Madara's pawn if he can help it, considering he left the Akatsuki.
    1/3 if you want specifics. Or rather, that's how much of it was in His body when Hinata used the Byakugan on it. It coulda gone up by then. But I think Kabuto should have some plot from here on in. It'd be really freakin' stupid to just not have him show up after that.
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    Re: Naruto chapter 450 discussion.

    That really sucks though how all of a sudden Tsunade is in a coma and the council just decside to appoint a new hokage. I really think that kakashi should have been Hokage and I wish Danzo would drop dead.
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