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Thread: naruto shippuuden

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    Re: naruto shippuuden

    I like the naruto shippuuden series. After a long time of fillers the shippuuden came, it was worth the waiting. All characters look better and tougher, everyone improved big. The story finally goes on and the akatsuki clan is comming closer and closer. It's great.

    The only thing is, some episodes takes so darn long without something "really" happening. Just like the battle between naruto and orochimaru. One ep took ages and the only thing you saw was that Naruto was getting his cloak and he was pissed and trying to build up an attack =___=".

    Plus the previous owners of this anime, were better animators and drawers. The graphics and movements are less good then the previous naruto episodes, which aren't from shippuuden.

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    Re: naruto shippuuden

    I only watch manga bui i didn't watch shippuden (in anime style) yet.I only know that the clothes had change, Kakashi's sharingan had upgrade. Everyone was more stronger.
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