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Thread: <theory_"Madara used Itachi as a shield">

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    <theory_"Madara used Itachi as a shield">

    Almost everyone should be aware of Itachi's recent death, but there are still considerable questions surrounding it. Most of them are brought up by Zetsu.

    Here's the theory in a simple, easy-to-understand explanation. I don't necessarily hang out around these forums that often anymore, but out of sheer boredom, I felt like dumping some things here.

    When Naruto and friends meet Madara for the first time, Naruto uses Rasengan on him.

    To Naruto's surprise, it goes through him.

    Then we have Itachi in pain, clutching his chest and coughing up blood.

    Ladies and gentlemen, what I bring to you today is the idea that Madara may have used some sort of time/space jutsu (as suspected by Kakashi) to make it so that Itachi felt all the pain. In a godmodding sort of way, all damage dealt on Madara, Itachi felt it instead.

    The "evidence" (because anything can be inconclusive, inconsistent, and taken out of context) is shown in the form that possibly the moment that Naruto attacked Madara, Itachi had activated Susano'o. Both scenes are several chapters apart, but if you consider the actual timeframe, both scenes could have been played out at the exact same time.

    Naruto aimed his Rasengan near Madara's heart. Naruto's attack went through Madara. Itachi is stricken with considerable pain, clutches his chest, and coughs up blood, hinting at internal injuries.

    Another point to point out is that Madara predicted that Sasuke would win. There were no doubts. There were no second guessing when Madara bet on that horse. Zetsu did suspect something dirty going on, but he could never figure it out. It is probable that Madara could sink low enough just so that Sasuke would have an advantage on Itachi.

    Of course, a counterpoint would be that the Susano'o could possibly affect the body whereas both Tsukoyomi and Amaterasu affects their respective eyes. Zetsu possibly had no knowledge of a Mangekyou user's inevitable blindness along with anything beyond that. He was simply making careful observations and making assumptions and guesses using the information that he did know. Typical commentary.

    Maybe Kishimoto will clear things up on this week's chapter.
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    Re: <theory_"Madara used Itachi as a shield">

    Very interesting theory...it would be pretty cool if that was the case. If going with your theory I would say that Madara knew Itachi was going to gain the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and betray him (as Itachi states that was his plan in Chapter 386 page 11) and thus he used the time/space jutsu to take Itachi down while making Sasuke appear the victor.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and hopefully they fill in the details on this sooner than later.

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