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Thread: Uchiha identities

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    Re: Uchiha identities

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Yasmine it's good if you post this spoiler thread in the correct forum but DO NOT put spoilers in the title!

    +Edited the title.+
    Sorry Hassun, my bad. I was wondering how to name this thread, was afraid for this to happen XD. Anyway, thanks for the editing.

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    Re: Uchiha Obito or Uchiha Madara

    Quote Originally Posted by thedivineshadow View Post
    to me that just means he has the SAME power as madara not that he WAS madara.
    you may want to re-re-read it again.

    (Vol.42 Ch.383 Pg. 15)

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    Re: Uchiha identities

    He is Uchiha Madara. He states it and later on Akatsuki members re affirm it. Madara I think is also the leader of Akatsuki since Pein says that Jiraiya showed up after Madara had given him the order of getting the Kyiubi...
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    Re: Uchiha identities

    I think Tobi is supposed to be Madara Uchiha.
    I've seen pictures of him being Madara and little videos

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    Re: Uchiha identities

    Yes, well, sakura, you watch YOUTUBE videos, which aren't always accurate. Madara and Obito are diffrent people, and tobi is deffinatly Madara. Why??? Because Fact 1, the manga clrealy says so, and if you dont read the books and think that its obito, you're wrong~! ^^ Because obito deffinatly died in that rock slide, and who in the akatsuki know obito enough to bring him back to life? No one. So, overall, Tobi=Madara.

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    Re: Uchiha identities

    Ok, let me explain it.
    Uchiha Obito is Uchiha Obito
    Tobi is Uchiha Madara.
    Obito's right face has crushed, if madara is obito, how would madara has right face? right?
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