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Thread: what if gaara...

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    Re: what if gaara...

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    well want to know something? He is more positive than before now... ^^ the whole sand village now acknowleges him..and treat him as one of them or as a great leader..

    Well he got lots of fans now.. cute girls... too bad Lasura.. you have rivals..

    but the resurrection made a new chara gone.. ^^
    I know... and I know
    I knew botnh of the fact that in Shipuden (spelling?) he has changed (I watched the first series) (why do you think I was talking about the fact that he's changed in my post?), and that a woman sacrificed herself to resurect Gaara :P Because she had somehow gotten the demon into him... :P

    Yup I do... but I am special cuz I liked him before I watched Shipuden (actually I liked him less as the good guy- boring)

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Wink Re: what if gaara...

    Just like you Lasura, i LOVE Gaara. He is the best character of the whole series for me because his attitude and personality are PERFECT!
    Don't worry though, he is yours! You have known him longer
    Besides, I can't stand Naruto because of his voice on the tv series (i know that's a bad thing to feel, but i just can't take the squeky voice out of the main character.) By the way, if Gaara had really died, I would have stopped reading any more books and would have stayed on like15-before he died if he had. That would have ruined my life and I wouldn't have a favorite character anymoresince he is the only reason I am alive right now( I love him...he keeps me going through life, knowing that he is only a page and a read later.)

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    Re: what if gaara...

    lol if gaara really is dead then i'll be thinking that he was weak for dying...i'll be saying bad stuff to gaara......

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