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Thread: What is Itachi's Plan for Sasuke?

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    Re: What is Itachi's Plan for Sasuke?

    Itachi wanted to protect sasuke for as long as he could. He knew Madara wanted him since he knew he was still alive. Thats why he implanted Amatarasu in Sasuke's eyes to go off whenever he saw him. He did not want Sasuke to attack the Village after learning the truth. He did not want him to learn the truth period. He wanted him to be the Hero that defeated him and thus planned to die at his hand.

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    Re: What is Itachi's Plan for Sasuke?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adarrah View Post
    Of all these years Sasuke has been keeping a strong grudge against his brother, Itachi. SPOILER: Sasuke killed Itachi, but Itachi gave his power to Sasuke. Why? To protect Sasuke. Enough already. Is Itachi bad or good? Hey ppl, I dunno why, but I have this feeling that Itachi is a good person and a good brother, actually... I think Itachi wants to protect Sasuke and Konoha. But it's still a blurr image to me. Okay, what do you think? What do you think of Itachi? What do you think of his plan? Let's talk about this. Oh, I know about these from reading the manga. Eheheh ^_^
    As I recall, Itachi did not in fact give all his power to Sasuke. Before Sasuke killed Itachi, Itachi spoke with naruto in the woods. After meeting Naruto, he then made naruto his last plan to defend against Tobi's intentions, giving naruto some of his power. He just made Naruto his last resort to beating Tobi in the control of Sasuke.

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