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Thread: Who is the STRONGEST HOKAGE??

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    Re: Who is the STRONGEST HOKAGE??

    Quote Originally Posted by hmiller44 View Post
    The 1st is the strongest out of them all.

    I do not agree that the 1st Hokage is the strongest.

    The 2nd must have been strong too, but the 1st was the one who founded Konoha and was the only one who Madara ever respected: the 1st was probably stronger than the 2nd.

    Since I do not know much about the 2nd Hokage, I can not say who was stronger.

    We know that the 1st could control the tailed-things and won in his fight against Madara even though the latter could control the kyubi but the 4th had to die to seal the kyubi (which was summoned by Madara): the 1st must be stronger than the 4th.

    I disagree, because the 4th Hokage did what the 1st did not. The 4th Hokage sacrificed his own son to save the Leaf Village.

    The 1st is better than the 3rd for the following reasons:

    1.The 3rd couldn't even beat Orochimaru on this own, but Itachi beat Orochimaru easily when Orochimaru tried to take his body: Itachi is stronger than the both Orochimaru and the 3rd.

    I agree with you here about Itachi, but in regards to the 3rd Hokage. You can not discount him because he was not in his Prime and he was Orochimaru's Sensei. He would have felt terrible to attempt to destroy his old pupil. He didn't want to have to destroy Orochimaru, he just wanted to stop him from destroying the Leaf Village. He could have killed him, if he had truly wanted to. He just tried to stop him without killing him. He cared too much.

    3.Itachi calls Madara an invincible immortal (at least he was in his prime): Madara must be stronger than Itachi.

    Can't say much about this.

    4. The 1st wounded Madara so badly that he became a 'shell of his former self': the 1st must be stronger than Madara, which also means he is stronger than Itachi, Orochimaru and the 3rd.

    The 1st Hokage may have been strong, but I can not agree that he was the strongest.
    1- The 3rd Hokage and the 4th Hokage were both stronger because they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the Leaf Village.

    The only other hokage is the 5th, and she couldn't beat Orochimaru even with help, so obviously the 1st is stronger than her.

    I agree with that the 5th Hokage is not as strong as the 1st Hokage, but she is still alive and you can not count her out yet.

    He must be stronger than the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th.
    QED: thus it is proved.
    The 1st Hokage is strong, but you really shouldn't count the 3rd or the 4th Hokages out because they gave their lives for the Leaf Village, AND the 4th Hokage sacrificed his son to save everyone by sealing the Nine-tailed Fox within him.

    Now, it is up to the 5th Hokage to prove herself stronger or as strong as the previous Hokages, AND help Naruto become the greatest Hokage.

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    Re: Who is the STRONGEST HOKAGE??

    I have to say The Fourth Hokage. He can fight anyone whereas The fifth hokage did needed help with fight Orochimaru.

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    Re: Who is the STRONGEST HOKAGE??

    I also agree 4th hokage is the best especially when he sacrifice his life for the village..i dnt think nobody as da courage to do dat

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