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Thread: Episode 99 - fighting another villain

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    Without actually saying anything that would spoil anything, Blade, what was your topic/idea for the next thread?
    well my idea was to create a thread for Bleach anime series where you could talk about anything that has happened within the ongoing series. Which actually allows more freedom for those members who up to date with the anime like me and others. Then we could speculate and so on. Talk about i guess everything under the sun with bleach.

    looks like this has bin moved to it's own sub forum yay! get to talk about bleach freely now. Tbh i found ep 99 kinda of a let down really. coz zaraki only needed to take off his eye patch for a sec and he broke maki's imploding light ball. And really seriously he tot that he could defeat zaraki with tactics or skill like that? I mean tousen's bankai in theory should have killed zaraki since he didnt have his senses but zaraki jus slashed him away.

    anyone watched the latest ep of bleach? i think it's at least running down the clock to it's end coz one by one Bounto's are dropping like flies. All we have to do to jus watch each captain own evey single bounto till it's down to Ichigo or Ishida to take out Jin and then they all go back to the real world and tht's the start of the real storyline XD

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