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Thread: Gin returns! (chapter 377)

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    Gin returns! (chapter 377)

    And promptly cuts Hyori in two equally useless halves!

    I just hope it doesn't speed up Ichigo's return to earth. I want some bad guys kicking major Gotei 13/Visored ass first.

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    Re: Gin returns! (chapter 377)

    That was awesome!!!
    For a somewhat ;now branded; mainstream Manga it was quite unexpected and over with little fuss. It's certianly re-invigorated my love of BLEACH and shows Tite can still do a great job as it was starting to drag on a little bit.

    Also, I'm glad Gin got to kick some ass as I thought he was going to be forgotten about. Although I'm quite biased as Gin is easily the greatest character of BLEACH!
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    Re: Gin returns! (chapter 377)

    I'm glad that Tite Kubo is finally getting serious.
    Before, it seemed that no matter what the good guys were gonna win, no casualties. Sure, a couple arms but nothing too bad...And Ichigo's whole...whatever.
    Not it seems like they're in for a bit more than they bargained for.
    It's not really any fun, in my opinion, to see the good guys always winning all the time.
    So Kudos to Kubo.
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