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Thread: Hassun was right

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    Hassun was right

    So the new issue of Bleach came out early and guess what Hassun was right. Espada are un-scratched and apparently the captains are powerless to win, just then the visard show up to save the day!

    Only interesting note was Wonderweiss going all bad butt and impaling Ukitake, that and the weird hollow thing with him.

    Kind of a premature move in my mind even if entirely predictable. So where does it go from here?

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    Re: Hassun was right

    I was hoping for Wonderweiss to do at least something ever since they alluded to it with his near attack on Urahara. My theory is that he saw an insect and went to grab it but Ukitake was hovering in the way.
    And I guess we know now what that giant nearly closed eye in the sky was when Aizen went up to heaven.
    Of course it still bothers me how much Hitsugaya is being humped. The immensely stronger Halibel having to be freed before being able to continue the fight.

    But who am I kidding, all I want is for Gin to kick ass!!

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